T-Mobile launches Motorola Atrix
June 3rd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

T-Mobile Logo Atrix

Motorola Atrix is Motorola’s notebook-powered Android Smartphone, which enables to access the phone through larger screen, keyboard and multimedia kit on Notebooks through its accessory kit.

T-Mobile has launched the Motorola Atrix, ‘world’s most powerful smartphone’ by joining hands with its Everything Everywhere partner Orange on 1 June.

You can own the super-charged handset for free from the operator on a 24-month contract by shelling out £35.75 per month. This will provide you 900 minutes, 500 texts along with 500MB of data allowance.

If you are willing to shell out a little more every month, you can get the “Work and Play” kit. It includes an HDMI port, Motorola HD media dock with three USB ports, a remote control, mouse and keyboard.

The Work and Play kit will burn a £129 hole in the pocket when bought standalone. If you opt for £40.85 per month plan for 24 months, you get 500 texts, 1200 minutes, and 500 MB data.

Using Lapdock, an Atrix can be transformed into a full-on laptop with eight hours of battery life and 11.6-inch screen. T-Mobile is planning to sell Lapdock at £299.

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