Tablet PC market will see Acer soon
November 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Acer LG Android tablet

Acer is all set to join the burgeoning Tablet PC market where we have seen announcements from bigwigs as well as smaller players joining the fray. Acer tablets will face a formidable challenge as they plan to enter the crowded tablet market to compete with Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, and Next tablet.

The computer giant, Acer has decided this way after it saw threat to its laptop business from the tablets. Acer plans to release three tablets next year with screens between 7 inches and 10.1 inches. February 2011 should see the first of Acer tablets powered by Microsoft Windows and they would be followed up by Android powered tablets in April 2011.

Acer relied on netbooks for the last two years to grow its business s its Aspire One became a huge hit. It left behind Dell Inc. to become the second largest computer maker by computer shipments as HP topped it. Netbook sales are expected to fall, because of the tablets becoming a rage at the moment.

And to top it up, Acer announced plans to launch a 4.8-inch Android powered Smartphone and a dual screen laptop with two screens ( 14 inch each ) called as the Iconia Touchbook.

Now that there is an unending variety in the tablet space more and more people seem to catch up with them. How about you? Let us know.

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