Tesco Sat-Nav app to ease your shopping in supermarkets
May 26th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

tesco sat-nav

Tired of the huge towering shelves and the difficulty in finding out the required items while shopping in a supermarket? Here comes a solution from Tesco to ease your difficulty, a supermarket sat-nav.

Tesco has come up with satellite navigation software which can be downloaded on Android handsets. Using this software, customers can enter their shopping list and once they enter the automatic doors threshold, they will be directed by the phone to the exact location of every product so as to find the items quicker.

Nothing has been revealed as of now regarding the cost of the app. The app would go on sale in the later part of the year based on the results of the tests at a Tesco store in Romford, Essex. This new service would direct you towards all your wanted items using the shortest route.

However, it is still unknown if the sat-navs will come with distinctive voice instructions to guide users regarding directions like ‘turn left ahead’ or ‘turn around where possible’.

Tesco launched the sat-nav app after rival Marks & Spencer’s new boss said that it was very difficult to navigate his stores around.

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