Two new tablets from Archos with optional hard disks
June 29th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


Archos launched a new range of tablets called G9 with fast processors and optional 250GB hard disks. The first two tablets will go on sale this September for £199 and above.

80 G9 comes with an 8-inch screen while the 101 G9 comes with a 10.1 inch screen. The intriguing feature about this range is that you have the option to choose the storage medium between an internal flash drive and the hard disk.

A 250 GB hard disk comes with both the models while you will get 16GB and 32GB flash drives for the 80 and 101 models respectively.

The thickness of the hard disk models will be 2mm more but just imagine being able to store 40 full length HD films on your tablet. Though hard disks can make things a little slow at times, Archos is confident that the presence of a 4GB internal flash memory cache will take care of the speed.

The G9 range is powered by dual core 1.5 GHz processors while Apple iPad2 and Motorola Xoom are still lurking with the 1GHz ones. The OS is Android 3.1 to start with and upgrade to 3.2 is likely.

Though Wi-Fi is the primary connectivity option, the tablets have 3G USB Stick slots for an additional £50 so that you can use 3G with a PayG plan. Let’s wait to see how these tablets fare in the crowd.

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