UK to get Palm Pre 2 tomorrow
November 14th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

WebOS Palm Pre 2

HP announced that the Palm Pre 2 mobile phone powered by WebOS 2.0 will get launched on 15th November 2010. It also noted that a SIM-Free version of the handset will be made available for £399 on its Palm website a la Google way of doing things when it sold its Nexus One Smartphone online.

Speculation was rife last week that the hardware major is on the verge of launching its Palm Pre 2 loaded with the latest version of its WebOS platform in the UK. The excellent WebOS helped Palm build goodwill and this has set the tone high for the next launch. The Pre Plus released earlier this year with a 3.1-inch TouchScreen garnered eyeballs but it did not boast of WebOS 2.0.

As per The Inquirer, HP is far from being able to replicate the success enjoyed by Google’s Android OS for its WebOS as it has tied the platform to few devices only.

The Palm Pre 2 has a conservative feel and covers Flash as well as HTML 5 and that should make people cheer. HP has noted that the WebOS 2.0 will enable software developers an open platform to integrate apps unlike Apple.

Despite the entire craze about WebOS 2.0, what needs to be seen is whether the Palm Pre 2 can set the stage on fire given its 5 MP camera, 320×480 TouchScreen, 1 GHz CPU and a 16GB memory.

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