Vodafone confirms Samsung Galaxy S 2.3 update
April 19th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Vodafone logo Samsung Galaxy

It is time to rejoice for all the Samsung Galaxy S owners as the rollout of Gingerbread ( Android 2.3 ) has been confirmed for users in the UK. However the catch is that your service provider should be Vodafone as it is the only network which confirmed the Galaxy S 2.3 update till date.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s in store though you might not be on Vodafone. To us, it seems that a lot of performance issues might get fixed with the updates.

The UI will turn slicker and simpler, while the new Android keyboard will help with ease of copy/paste functionality. There would be better management of power and multiple cameras too. You can switch the handset back to GSM only (2G) mode with this update.

But, hold on because it is not enough to keep waiting for your phone to get updated; it would rather be a better idea to connect it to Samsung KIES on the computer to check the eligibility.

So, we need to wait and assess the Samsung Galaxy S2 as it promises faster response. better battery life, ease of typing and the like.

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