Windows 7 Smartphone from Fujitsu
July 22nd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Fujitsu Windows7

Now, we will have a Smartphone which can emulate a Windows 7 PC from Fujitsu as it announced its F-07C handset.

And let’s understand that we are not talking about Windows Phone 7 in this case. This handset is a Windows 7 capable PC in the guise of a Smartphone. It can be termed as one of the ambitious handsets with the power of the Intel Atom processor.

With a 1.2GHz Intel Atom Z600 processor and a 1GB LPDDR400 memory, this handset runs a full Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit OS. The handset can run any standard program that a Windows PC is capable of, thanks to the x86 processor in the F-07C.

IE9 comes in-built in addition to Adobe Flash, Silverlight plugins and a 2 year license for MS Office 2010. The handset has a 4-inch display with 1024 x 600 LCD display with the QWERTY keypad and a trackball hidden under the slide.

There is a USB port so that any compatible peripheral device can be attached to the handset while HDMI allows it to be easily used as a TV or another monitor. All of this in a device with 218g as weight including the battery is awesome though it will need charging after just 2 hours of usage as PC.

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