Heads and tails of HTC ChaCha versus Nokia C3
March 31st, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

It is no secret that Nokia C3 is one of the most popular handsets; and neither is the fact that HTC’s facebook phone ChaCha is the next ‘phone-on-the-block’. ChaCha has made many heads turn in this year’s Mobile World Congress to give enough indications of a catch-up on Nokia C3.

This eye-catching petite smart phone, aimed at the younger generation, packs more than a punch when compared to Nokia C3 – which in its own way has made its way into the bags and pockets of the youngsters.

C3 runs on Symbian 40 – simple, old but stable. However it isn’t as faster than or as secure as Version 2.4 (Gingerbread) which drives ChaCha. When it comes to the hardware, ChaCha weighs in a decent 120 g compared to C3’s 114 g. Though you can’t pick out a winner, HTC is always known for hard-wearing, premium devices which give it that slight edge over Nokia.

When it comes to Social networking, C3 is pre-loaded with Communities application – an aggregation of all your networks to the home screen. ChaCha takes it a step forward and provides native support for Facebook, Twitter in addition to hardware Facebook Key which allows sharing with a single press.

Connectivity wise, ChaCha scores over N3 since N3 doesn’t have the 3G functionality which is very much the ‘in-thing’ in today’s smart phones. Need we say more?

No wonder then, that ChaCha has impressed one and all in the Mobile World Congress. ChaCha encompasses all the core elements of today’s smart phones and provides those extra features that keep it afloat.

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