LG’s unnamed dual screen mobile for T-Mobile
June 17th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

As per the market talks LG is manufacturing a dual screen mobile exclusively for T-Mobile network.

Though much information about this Smartphone from LG is not available, it comes with Twain screens. One of them being main touch screen other screen is embedded into QWERTY sliding keyboard. Even Name of the Smartphone is not yet out in market. It is recently showcased in one of the mobile event in UK.

Second screen in is fitted on sliding QWERTY keyboard amongst mid of keys. This screen is basically to sport frequently used apps for quick access, while main screen is where application will be launched. As per the news in market name of the device can be LG Flip II, though there is no confirmation from the manufacturer.

Information all that available is, LG is manufacturing this Smartphone specifically for T-Mobile. Information available is not enough to confirm if this is a high end Smartphone or not and to that point there is no information to confirm if it is a Smartphone. Another piece of confirmed information about the new Mobile is, it will be an Android based handset.

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