Limited number of Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S available in UK
January 20th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S, designer version of Samsung Galaxy S is currently available in UK. But bad news is only limited number of handsets are available across UK.

Samsung has teamed up with Giorgio Armani to come up with exclusive and designer version of Samsung’s one of the most successful handset, Samsung Galaxy S. The new exclusive designer version of this handset is named as Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S.

As per the news, there will be only 800 proud owners of this designer handset, as this is a limited edition and only 800 handsets will be manufactured and these 800 handsets will be available through only 100 stores across UK. These stores started stocking up these handsets from end of last year.

This handset is built on latest version of Android, Android 2.2 (also popularly known as Froyo). The handset is packed in a beautiful padded brand box, which is augmented with gold pop-stud clip, with letters GA is engrossed on it.   The handset is encapsulated in black colored case and back is embossed with waffle like design.

Considering all these, handset will definitely make owners, the proud owners.

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