Padphone prototype from Asus
June 22nd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Asus prototype Padfone

Asus has recently unveiled twin devices, a 4-inch Android Smartphone and a 10-inch tablet display, as a prototype.

Both the devices are married to each other and like any other couple, one of them is dumb and the other active. The 4-inch Android based phone is the active device, which does all intelligent tasks, while 10-inch tablet is just a display extension to this cute little one. This tablet is basically a processor less device, the whole purpose of which is to only display contents of Smartphone hence needs larger screen. However it does have a front facing camera to support video calls.

Asus likely named this hybrid combo as Padphone and has unveiled it in Computex 2011, an event which happened in Taipei on Monday. The tablet has a docking station to dock the Smartphone, which provides this big brother with processing power to function through little one. With this docking station at the back of tablet, it looks bulky. Howevr, the combo is a good idea, where user can carry this device in the pocket, while keeping the bulky one in a backpack and can unpack, whenever there is a need for bigger screen.

Other than these technical details, not much information is available, except that it may be available in markets by Q4 of 2011. Let us wait for this combo to come onto retail shelves before we can comment on its acceptability.

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