Samsung Galaxy Fit
July 13th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung is producing Smartphones across the budget spectrum. While it has best of high end Smartphones at premium end of this spectrum, it has come up with Galaxy Europa last year on the lower end and now it is coming up with another Android based Smartphone in this range.

Samsung has recently come up with Samsung Galaxy Fit in budget range of Android based Smartphone for budget conscious customers.

Samsung Galaxy Fit is not just on lower end of Samsung spectrum, but also on lower end when compared to its comparables like Wildfire S from HTC or Xperia Mini from Sony Ericsson. It is interfaced through a 3.31 inches screen with 240 X 320 pixel resolution. But it does support multi touch, which is not in its predecessor Samsung Europa or other comparables in market. Physically it tried to imitate high end phones with a single key home button.

It is appealing physically with rounded edges, which gives a bit of classical look. It is packaged with all expected features like camera, GPS, Wi-Fi. But one has to compromise on performance side for the cost they pay.

Overall Samsung Galaxy S is a decent Android based Smartphone for budget conscious customers.

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