Samsung Galaxy Tab,the reply to Apple’s IPad
November 8th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which is not available in market, is a tablet device from Samsung, which can actually compete with iPad in many aspects. Android based Samsung Galaxy, which is also called as SGT, has a 7 inches screen and is well equipped with required front facing camera for video calling capability. It also has regular rear camera.

Samsung has to accept iPad for its superior screen resolution. Samsung Galaxy is available with 7 inches screen with a lower resolution when compared to iPad’s 10 inches screen. iPad has upper hand in displaying text and icons when compared to Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung has added an additional TouchWiz UI, a User Interface, to standard Android 2.2 to enhance the interface for its tablet device. Samsung SGT provides features of phone along with being a tablet gadget. It comes with a slot for SIM card to provide 3G data connectivity and supports Phone Calls and SMS.

Samsung’s light weight design allows you to handle it in same way as you do any other Smartphone. Your thumbs will be doing actual interfacing work, while rest of eight fingers will be holding the device. With these features competing iPad, Samsung Galaxy will be one of the best alternatives available for Android based tablet devices.

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