ZTE following HTC footsteps
July 15th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Never heard of mobile brand ZTE? But sure you would have seen ZTE phone by now. ZTE is a Chinese Mobile manufacturing company, which has been producing Mobile equipment for other brands. Few examples of ZTE mobile phones in market under various operator brand names are ZTE Blade, out in market as San Francisco under Orange, Boston and Monte Carlo. ZTE was producing mobile phones for other brands and is second largest Chinese mobile manufacturing company. But it is not a very well known brand name to mobile users in UK.

Now ZTE is planning to enter into Mobile market with its own brand name in search for bigger chunk in mobile market.

It has already lined up contract with British Distribution Company to realize the plan in that direction and if news in air to be believed, ZTE (which has been providing budget phones till now), is planning to manufacture high-end Smartphones also.

ZTE is trying to replicate success story of HTC, which also has been manufacturer behind scenes for many leading operator branded phones for a decade and only after a decade, it has started producing mobile phone under its brand name. But only point to wait and watch is market dynamics have changed from times of HTC to now. Now there are lots of successful brands in market providing cut throat competition providing a very less space for new comers to enter into.

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