Mobile phones under 20 quid flood the market
Dec 29th, 2011 by Andy Miles
Alcatel OT-209

Alcatel OT-209

The economy faces glaring uncertainties going into the new year and shoppers are being exceptionally careful on where they spend their money. This has lead to the return of the sub £20 mobile phones.

As smart phoneS took off around 4 years ago, so did the average price of mobile phones. However simpler models have now made a comeback. Leading the pack are Samsung, LG and Alcatel.

The Alcatel OT-209 is one such example. It is a simple phone that does its job, plus it has FM radio for music on the go. With bigger buttons, Alcatel seems to have stuck to the idea of making a simple phone, that is easy to use.

Mobile phones for under £20

Alcatel introduces Android-based budget smartphone
Sep 19th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Alcatel Alcatel OT 980

Feeling left out of the Smartphone segment due to their unusually high prices? The good news is that there are companies like Alcatel who make things for the common man and that they are on their job. Alcatel will make the OT-980 available to customers via Carphone Warehouse, priced at just £99.95 on PayG contract.

Alcatel has for long championed the cause of price-worthy handsets and provided us with cheap and useful phones.

Alcatel phones are no lesser to counterparts from its competitors when it comes to functionality. The company looks forward to providing suave mobile phones which do not leave a big hole in your pocket. The handsets should however be able to help you in social networking, texting, MMS, and Image capture.

Come October, Alcatel will launch its first Android powered Smartphone in the UK christened as Alcatel OT-980.

The QWERTY handset, powered by Android 2.1 will have a 2.8-inch TouchScreen display, a 2 Megapixel camera, an MP£ player, and a Multi IM client. Wi-Fi, HSPA, and E-Compass are the options to connect to the web using the OT-980.

The uber stylish 3G mobile phone will enable users to access Social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Bebo. Apps for shopping, music, and games will jazz up the phone too.

Alcatel continues to spawn interesting phones
Mar 10th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda


At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress, we saw a wide array of handsets from world-renowned manufacturers and Alcatel succeeded to carve a niche for itself with a nice set of Alcatel Smartphones. As per TCT Mobile, Alcaltel tasted success especially with the Alcatel One Touch Tribe and the One Touch Mini models, last year.

The USP of Alcatel has been the price-quality quotient, unique designs and user-friendliness. While Every other manufacturer aims for the same qualities, why is Alcatel any different?

Alcatel OT-710 Smartphone
Lets take a look at the new Alcatel Touch Experience, or Alcatel OT-710. It is a new Smartphone from Alcatel that focuses on fun and user experience. OT-710 is surely not a high-end handset but it surely is a cheap alternative to a Smartphone. And that is the kind of market that Alcatel wants to tap. More than anything else, the Alcatel OT-710 is going to create flutters for its price-quality quotient.

Alcatel OT-880 Smartphone

The Alcatel OT-880 goes an extra mile and offers the best of both worlds by providing a complete QWERTY keypad along with a touch screen experience. And this should help it stand tall in the basic level customer’s eye who has never hit such a jackpot. One can be socially connected and access emails with the Alcatel OT-880 Smartphone.

What’s in a name?

Alcatel names the handsets in a manner which is tough to remember them. But who cares as long as customers get what they want at a throw-away price? The mission is all accomplished for Alcatel as long as the customers are happy with what they get.

Alcatel OT-S 319
Jun 23rd, 2009 by Pai Solebille

Alcatel  OT-S 319
Manufacturer’s Description:

The Alcatel OT-S 319 mobile phone is a practical light weight and durable handset.  Designed with a lasting battery life and robust lightweight design this Alcatel mobile phone will slide into your pocket with ease due to its compact clam shell design.  The unique hidden LED illuminates to alert you when receiving phone calls or text messages.  While the other "One Touch" buttons can be used for changing to a silent profile or accessing shortcuts.
Packed not padded out!  The OT-S 319 is full of essentials such as WAP browsing MMS messaging and built-in organiser.  Use the handy currency converter to do your maths for you whilst abroad or the calculator for statistics in the office.  If you’re looking for a very durable long lasting phone without breaking the wallet look no further… Keep it simple and don’t break your budget with the Alcatel OT-S 319

Don’t let the simple design fool you it’s jam packed full of great features

Keep yourself amused with the built-in games or use the WAP function to download new ones!

Use the handsfree ability if driving or otherwise occupied

Enjoy the complimentary classic games – chuck egg and UFO

Keep it small! Pocket sized and lightweight


Polyphonic ringtones
WAP 2.0
Hidden LED indicators
Pre loaded games
MMS messaging

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