Apple’s FaceTime to be challenged by Skype’s iPad App
Jun 30th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Skype Apple_logo_Large

Skype has prepared ground to launch a dedicated app for video conferencing for iPad 2, the popular tablet PC from Apple. This app from the VOIP services provider will compete with Apple’s FaceTime.

Given the fact that Microsoft is acquiring Skype for $8.5 billion, it seems to be planning to keep up with Skype’s multiple services on various platforms. Skype is popular among individuals already and business customers can not be far away from being lured.

iPad users were so far left with no option but to use Skype’s iPhone version app and thus did not get some key functionalities. A dedicated app will now be able to leverage on the popularity wave and help iPad users get all of it from Skype.

Users will be able to make voice and video calls over 3G and Wi-Fi networks. There will be a camera swap feature so that users can use both the front and the rear end cameras.

Apple FaceTime in contrast lets users make video calls using Wi-Fi alone. Business users would in that sense find life easier with the Skype app using which video calls can be made using 3G network.

The app pricing and release date are not yet announced though many of us expect it to come free.

Apple iPad 3G a rage with Christmas shoppers in UK
Dec 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Apple iPad Home Screen

This November, the 3G version of the tablet from Apple recorded 80% of the total iPad sales in the UK. Shoppers in UK are more than interested in grabbing the 3G 64GB version of the Apple iPad and thus made it climb to the top of charts among gadgets as per market research firm, Context.

And Context believes that the sale of iPad has happened because of a major contribution by the network service providers’ sales outlets. The report also mentions that around half the shoppers in UK are purchasing the 64GB version while one-fourth of the Europeans seem to be buying the 3G tablet.

All in all, Apple seems to have succeeded in competing with Samsung Galaxy Tab by garnering a growth of 6.5% in the tablet sales across the European region on a month-on-month basis.

Context had stated earlier in the year that the Wi-Fi version of the iPad is more popular compared to the 3G version though.

App Store gets Skyfire iPad App with Flash
Dec 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iPad Home Screen Skyfire

The App store got Skyfire’s iPad app on Wednesday night and thus gets Flash enabled for its iPad. For just £4.99 the app that can be downloaded from the App store works as a web browser by converting flash content to HTML5 and then playing it in a separate window. And thanks to the iPad version and the 9.7-inch screen of the iPad, the window can be expanded to a full-screen mode.

There is a catch though as Flash games and apps are not supported and the support is only for Flash videos. The Skyfire has also got issues with some of the video based web sites and they are trying to get things working in a holistic sense.

Many of the recently added social components for Android by Skyfire have also been included with the iPad version of the app. Links to Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter are available in the menu bar at the bottom so that users can be connected to news, feeds, and followers from within the Skyfire app.

And then there is an option named Fireplace which pulls all the links shared by friends on Facebook so that you can open them up and watch videos in Skyfire. There is also a universal ‘Like’ button for you to like any page on the internet and thus show it up on Facebook.

Skyfire for iPad also includes a universal “Like” button, so you can like any page on the Internet and have it show up on Facebook.

IPad pay plans from Three
Dec 5th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

3 Mobile Apple iPad Home Screen

Three is offering long-term fixed contracts on Apple iPad but it has not managed to put enough substance into the pricing options that it has put on offer for the tablet PC

Three is delighted to have come up with new pricing options for the Apple iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G to add to its already available array of competitive SIM-Only plans in the UK, as per an official release.

Having got the largest 3G network in the country and ranked first in the two most recent Yougov surveys of Mobile broadband customers, Three would like to ensure seamless mobile broadband performance on the iPad.

Contracts are available for a 2-year period which sounds great if you would fancy using a tablet till 2013 having bought the device at a hefty price this Christmas. At £25 per month, the plan provides 15GB data. The device charge garnishing would burn another big hole in your pocket starting at £199 for the 16GB going up to £349 for the 64GB version of the tablet.

Users can otherwise choose to pick the iPad on Pay-G basis wherein prices start at £529 for the entry level tablet and end at £699 for the best tablet in business.Users get 1GB per month for £10 and 3GB per month for £20.

iPads to be cheaper, thanks to Orange and T-Mobile
Nov 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

T-Mobile Logo orange Android smartphones

Cheaper iPad deals are on the cards, now that Orange and T-Mobile confirmed that they are planning to rope in users into longer contract terms in the process.

T-Mobile was the first one to make the announcement which however revealed not too many details except a coming soon UK release with the new iPad plans. T-Mobile confirmed that the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G will get cheaper when it is purchased with data service plans.

And Orange opted not to be left behind in the race and hence came up with a very similar statement to the press except that it replaced ‘T-Mobile’ with ‘Orange’.

As of today, people who buy Apple iPad for usage independent of the service provider get the iPad 3G by paying a huge sum and then they are forced to pay more monthly bills for the data usage on their favourite network.

The statements thus do not reveal too much; however if we take a leaf out from Phone 4 pricing, there is a possibility that the tablet could be available for £150 – £200 on a 24-month deal for a monthly contract of £30 – £35. And the price could be slashed further given the fact that there are no free minutes or texts involved in these plans.

Samsung Galaxy Tab,the reply to Apple’s IPad
Nov 8th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which is not available in market, is a tablet device from Samsung, which can actually compete with iPad in many aspects. Android based Samsung Galaxy, which is also called as SGT, has a 7 inches screen and is well equipped with required front facing camera for video calling capability. It also has regular rear camera.

Samsung has to accept iPad for its superior screen resolution. Samsung Galaxy is available with 7 inches screen with a lower resolution when compared to iPad’s 10 inches screen. iPad has upper hand in displaying text and icons when compared to Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung has added an additional TouchWiz UI, a User Interface, to standard Android 2.2 to enhance the interface for its tablet device. Samsung SGT provides features of phone along with being a tablet gadget. It comes with a slot for SIM card to provide 3G data connectivity and supports Phone Calls and SMS.

Samsung’s light weight design allows you to handle it in same way as you do any other Smartphone. Your thumbs will be doing actual interfacing work, while rest of eight fingers will be holding the device. With these features competing iPad, Samsung Galaxy will be one of the best alternatives available for Android based tablet devices.

Apple iPad, iTunes on Samsung’s hit list
Sep 22nd, 2010 by Andy Miles

Samsung Galaxy Tab Apple iPad Home Screen

South Korean technology major, Samsung left no stone unturned to take on Apple’s iPad in its own backyard by launching its Galaxy Tablet computer in the US along with an online hub for movies and TV shows.

Samsung stated that US carriers Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will be selling the Galaxy Tablet unveiled early this month at the IFA electronics trade fair held in Berlin.

Touted as Samsung’s answer to the Apple iPad, the pricing of the Galaxy Tablet was not revealed though the announcement said that the tablet PC shall be available in the US in coming months.

A new content service named as “Media Hub” from Samsung.com will be offered access to the Galaxy Tab. Samsung wants to provide an overall digital experience to its customers by leveraging the new Media Hub. NBC Universal, Paramount, and MTV Networks partner the Media Hub along with Samsung.

The Media Hub shall offer a library of movies, along with new releases, full TV shows and television episodes.

The Galaxy tablet has dual cameras thus allowing video chatting and it supports Adobe Flash 10.1 too thus highlighting the glaring differences from Apple iPad.

RIM to launch BlackPad to rival Apple iPad
Sep 22nd, 2010 by Andy Miles

RIM Logo BlackPad

Apple is set to find another competitor in RIM with the handset maker poised to launch its BlackPad as early as next week, reports from The Wall Street Journal suggest.

The rival tablet styled computer from RIM which some employees are calling the BlackPad will make its first public appearance in San Francisco at a Developers’ Conference. The Wall Street Journal claims that the report is based on information from people familiar with RIM’s plan and claims that the BlackPad launch is imminent at the end of this year.

Contrary to what you might have assumed, the tablet computer from RIM is going to be powered by QNX Software Systems, the company which RIM acquired this year instead of the new Blackberry 6 OS.

It will sport a 7-inch touch screen and will come with an in-built camera. Microsoft is also contemplating its options to make competitors to Apple iPad.

Blackberry lost a percentage point when its share of world-wide Smartphone sales was assessed at 18% for the Q2 of 2010 by a Gartner report. Apple and Android powered Smartphones are providing stiff competition to BlackBerry phones and hence the result.

iPad game for Flash Games, courtesy iSwifter
Sep 20th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple AppStore Adobe Flash

Apple approved an app designed to play Flash-based games on the iPad with the help of remote streaming. Christened iSwifter, the app will make iPad owners to jump in joy; the users will now be able to play hitherto unsupported Flashy stuff on their tablets via web platforms like AOL Games, Facebook, Kongregate, and Yahoo Games as per insidesocialgames.com.

YouWeb has developed the game streaming service based on the cloud which works just the way YouTube video streaming works or the way Netflix buffers a movie. Crowdstar, Sibblings, and AuroraFeint have all got development firm YouWeb behing the scenes.

Close on the heels of Apple’s decision to revoke its ban on Flash based apps, iSwifter gets a nod from Apple and turns up on the iTunes App store.

The app is available for free on Apple iPads and uses Wi-Fi for connectivity. 3G connection for the same functionality is under development.

iSwifter has plans to add more gaming platforms to its supported list as it develops the app for Windows Phone 7 and Android operating systems.

iPad chosen by BBC and Army
Aug 2nd, 2010 by Andy Miles

Apple_logo_Large BBC

Apple has got sweeter news as BBC and Army has chosen its tablet PC, iPad at an organisational level. The sales of the iPad will get a major boost thanks to the decision that BBC is using it on a trial basis to try and get rid of some of the desktops.

People who need to stay out can perform better with the iPad and BBC wants to leverage on this fact. BBC looks forward to the iPad as an enabler to have more and more paperless meetings just the way they happen on the west coast of the US..

On the other hand, Army is using the iPad too. The troops in the UK are already using the tablet PC for artillery training thus moving away from the traditional approach of a presenter and a room.

The army is taking all required measures to target the iPod generation young soldiers’ minds. Early signs suggest that the iPad is a welcome sign for the troops as it is helping them learn faster.

There are plans afloat to impart vehicle recognition training to pilots in Army using a 3D app on the Apple iTouch. This app will be a part of the Helicopter training course.

New software update for iPad
Jul 17th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Apple iPad Home Screen

The Ipad owners will be happy to know that Apple has come up with a software update just the way the iPhone received an update. The update is intended to improve the wireless performance.

No sooner did the cappuccino company released the Ipad, complaints started cropping up from users regarding poor Wi-fi reception resulting in bad connectivity.

Improved Wi-Fi connectivity can be expected with this latest software update that brings the Ipad up to iPhone OS 3.2.1. This happens to be great news for most iPad users as wireless networking is the only way to get data onto the tablet PC.

The issues related to copy and paste in emails has been fixed as per Apple. And then people who are vexed with the performance of Google search can move on to Microsoft Bing. What’s maddening is the above news and how it makes sense.

The problem lies in the hardware and the so-called technology leader believes to be able to fix the same with few lines of code in the software. What makes me wonder is the way the company is trying to wash its hands off some basic design flaws.

iPad users aggrieved for being charged double
May 31st, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Apple iPad Home Screen

After the successful British launch of the Apple iPad on Friday, there arises a point of disappointment for its users as they would be charged twice for accessing the internet with the new gadget.

It is shocking to know that the users who have already paid the internet browsing charges for their iPhones or mobile broadband dongles will also be charged if they want to access internet over the mobile phone network (3G).

The lowest iPad price starts at £429 which provides Wi-Fi access only thereby allowing the internet usage at wireless hotspots whereas you can also go with an iPad whose price starts at of £529 for wider internet access using the 3G mobile phone network.

Additionally, one also has to pay subscription charges to the network provider. Various deals were put forth last week by Vodafone, O2, Orange and 3 Mobile. The iPhone users from these carriers are however charged £30 a month for calls and internet usage. The iPad users on the other hand who access mobile broadband on their laptops also have to pay additionally for internet access.

Another point to worry is that the Apple iPad has been designed such that no other mobile Sim or mobile broadband dongle works with it and you have to buy a Sim specially designed for it. As a result, customers will have to bear double cost to access the same network if they own an iPhone or a mobile broadband service and an iPad as well.

Why are better deals not being offered by Apple and the network providers is an unanswerable question. Inspite of all the issues, iPad sales are expected to do well. The iPad has sold more than a million units within 4 weeks of its launch a month ago in the US. Globally, the number is expected to go upto 10m by this year end.

Initially, the iPad will be available at Apple stores, Currys, PC World and Dixons in Britain.

Apple iPad to offer mobile broadband
May 30th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iPad Home Screen

The Apple iPad has revolutionised our lives in numerous ways and mobile broadband is just one of them.

Consultants at TNS research opine that people tend to look at the screen size and the internet browsing capabilities more importantly while selecting a mobile device.

The iPhone is primarily perceived as an internet browsing gadget and it is no wonder that people are inclined all the more to buy an iPhone or a Smartphone with touch-screen and a lot of other attractive features. Given the success run that the iTunes application library achieved this is all the more evident.

As per a survey conducted by the firm, 27 percent of the participants intend to buy the gadget and 18 percent of them look at it as a product to access the internet. And Apple has been delivering impressive gadgets from its bag for quite some time now. Internet has been an integral part of the iPad, the iPhone or the iPod.

However, there is still an element of apprehension in the market regarding the efficacy and price-worthiness of the iPad. Are people ready to dump their iPhones for an iPad? As per the research, two-thirds might not buy the gadget thanks to its sky-high price.

iPad Tablets in more demand than Apple Macs
May 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iPad Home Screen Apple Mac

You will be surprised to know that the sales of iPad tablets have exceeded the Mac computers sales of Apple as per an influential technology analyst at RBC Markets.

More than 200,000 units of iPad devices are being sold every week in US according to RBC markets. This shows how strong the iPad sales have been after its launch. This can be observed when we compare the sales figure with that of Mac computers sales which is 110,000 over the same time period whereas about 246,000 units of iPhone 3GS have been sold.

From the above given estimations, it is predicted that Apple’s iPad sales would go up to 8 million as per the analyst at RBC markets(Abramski). However, Apple, which released the iPad in April has missed its first quarter sales entirely. In addition to this, iPad is a different thing from iPhone as the former is considered to be the groundbreaker rather than being a follower.

Also, the iPad is not supported by any service provider as in the case of the iPhone. Thereby, the sales figures of the tablet PC have become more perplexed.

Lack of Flash support aggrieves Ipad users
May 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Adobe Flash

Ipad owners are unhappy due to the lack of Flash support in their devices as per a recent survey at Changewave. Apple’s leader, Steve Jobs has decided not to allow the usage of Adobe Flash on its Ipads which run on iPhone OS.

As per the report, most of the respondents use their Ipads for applications which require Flash support like web browsing and viewing video. As such, it is obvious that the users would get annoyed with the lack of Flash.

In spite of all the excuses made by Steve Jobs for not allowing Adobe’s Flash in the iPhone OS, the fact came out when Apple’s plans for its own Cocoa fuelled web were unveiled. This might make the Ipad users aggrieved who have made big holes to their pockets to own an Ipad.

However, knowing the fact that Apple would not join hands with Adobe, the latter has decided to come into a pact with Google and its Android OS. As such, one can enjoy all the web based features by going with an Android based device. However, the fact that Job’s decision might lead to the isolation of good number of its customers cannot be concealed.

The Ipad is expected to ship on May 28 or June 7, the same time when Google will launch its Android 2.2 that is bundled with Adobe flash 10.1 and multi-tasking. Both these features are missing in Apple’s Iphone.

Sony to launch Tablet Rival of Apple iPad
May 20th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Sony Logo

Though unsure of the market potential for table PCs, the Japanese conglomerate Sony is planning to enter market with a tablet PC in competition with Apple’s iPad that has already ruled the market with its popularity.

Sony claimed that they have made a study for quite a few years so as to make some good opportunities. However, he did not disclose whether the tablet PC yet to be launched is bigger than its existing reader tablet available in stores now, which is by far the fastest growing gadget in terms of units, from the house of Sony.

More than a million units of Apple’s iPad have already been sold so far after its launch a month ago in the US. The iPad tablet is so much in demand that it is found to be running out of stock in the US and the UK consistently.

There are a lot of other manufacturers in the fray who have confirmed the launch of a tablet PC including Acer, MSI, Dell, and Asus some of them using the ARMdroid platform and the others on WinTel.

Apple is turning out to be a la third millennium Sony given the fact it has been a trend-setter rather than being a follower.

Apple iPad not yet a rage in the UK
May 16th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iPad Home Screen UK Country

A survey in the UK by research group, Simpson Carpenter has put the Apple iPad down. The research firm dissected the target audience into four groups of consumers with varied background and took their opinion about the tablet PC from Apple.

Apple’s iPad was not received very well despite the consumers being enthusiastic about the device in the beginning. The big question churning out of their mind was what exactly the tablet PC was meant for. People could not figure out the significance of the device given the backdrop that it sits between the Smartphone and the laptop.

People felt that the iPad looked like a bigger iPhone with no camera and no phone or that they could do all these things on their PC. There were technology lovers who were pretty keen playing and fiddling with the tablet, but the numbers were less.

Simpson Carpenter opines that people are not really looking forward to shell out around £500 for a gadget whose use cases are not clear given the backdrop of the economic slowdown.

The iPad has sold more than a million units so far after its launch a month ago in the US. Even as CNN suggests 120,000 pre-orders for the iPad, we need to watch out for the iPad to actually ship out.

The iPad which was expected to reach the public on May 28th will now be delivered by June 7th.The site says that the iPads initially allocated for online orders in UK have been used up whereas the units assigned to retail outlets by Apple have been left.

Online shopping app for iPad from Amazon
May 15th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Amazon Apple iPad Home Screen

Now Ipad fans can experience the comfort of buying an iPad from their home through online shopping application being launched by Amazon.

New details pertaining to the application have just been released by this internet giant which is more or less similar to the existing Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

Customers’ feedback has been the base in building this fun filled and innovative shopping app for the iPad according to Amazon’s director, Sam Hall. This is visual based and tangible in nature.

All options like placing an order on a click, accessing the already existing accounts and making suggestions have been provided for the users. Even movie trailors and sample songs can be viewed on the screen.

Every information related to product and reviews, details of bestsellers which consumers use regularly will be available online once it is released in the UK claims Amazon. However, the iPad which was expected to reach the public on May 28th will now be delivered by June 7th. More than a million units of iPad have been sold so far after its launch a month ago in the US.

Pre-orders for the iPad have already been started and the starting price for the tablet is set as £429. As per CNN, 120,000 pre-orders for the iPad are already in the queue for its latest release.

MicroSIM deal of Apple iPad by Vodafone
May 15th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Vodafone logo Apple iPad Home Screen

Here comes an interesting news for all the iPad users. Vodafone has come up with a new microSIM deal that can be used with the iPad. Subscribers can get the microSIM free of cost from Vodafone. However, they need to mention the specific plan needed.

A new 3GB data plan has been brought up by Vodafone for just £15 per month to few earlier deals as per Gadgetvenue.com. The good thing about this deal which is a 30-day contract is that it will not bind the iPad users into long-term contract lasting for a year or more.

Various deals are being offered by O2. Data plan of 500MB is being offered for £2. Other monthly plans of 1GB and 3GB are being offered for £10 and £15 respectively.

You will be happy to know that all the plans come with unlimited access to Wi-Fi provided by The Cloud hotspots and BT Open zone. There is also a provision for the customers to get intimated as to when their contracts expire through the iPad directly.

Delay in the delivery of iPads in UK
May 14th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iPad Home Screen

There is a little point of disappointment for the iPad lovers who have placed advance orders to purchase an Apple iPad as the shipment date is likely to get postponed a little.

As per the UK online store of Apple, it may take about a week to ten days for the shipment of the amazing gadget to reach the pre-order customers even after the start of iPad sales. The iPad which was expected to reach the public on May 28th will now be delivered by June 7th.The site says that the iPads initially allocated for online orders in UK have been used up whereas the units assigned to retail outlets by Apple have been left.

The scenario is same even in the US. It will take more than a week for the shipment of iPads after the order is placed as per Apple’s online shop.

As such, this indicates the problem being faced by Apple to meet the demand of iPad sales. The iPad has sold more than a million units so far after its launch a month ago in the US. Even as CNN suggests 120,000 pre-orders for the iPad, we need to watch out for the iPad to actually ship out.

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