Apple iPhone 5 in October
Aug 2nd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone 5

The anxiety and excitement over the iPhone 5 release continued to ebb in the market with the latest rumor that the release would be in October. This is in sharp contrast to the earlier reports which put down the release date as September 5. If these reports are anything to go by, the excitement would have to be put on hold for an additional month.

These reports also put the blame squarely on the earlier report stating that it was purely misinformed sources that put the release date as September 5. The report doesn’t rule out a formal announcement from Apple in September followed by the launch in October.

It’s but common that Apple products always generate so much of speculation. A certain part of this can be attributed to the fact that the company rarely talks about future products. It is no hidden fact that there is so much of craze for Apple products.

Adding fuel to the rumors has been the fact that there was no new iPhone in June. The previous versions of this model have been announced at WWDC, Apple’s annual developer’s conference. Bucking the trend, this year featured no new phone.

Even though there is no information on how the new model would be, it is assumed that the next iPhone would feature the same faster processor as the iPad 2, a better camera augmented by a larger screen and a curved back.

Only time and Mobile hub would be able to tell how things pan out vis-à-vis iPhone. Stay glued!

Apple delaying in giving thumbs up to Google+ iPhone App
Jul 15th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


It is a known fact that the search giant Google has recently released Google+, its social networking website. With this release, Google is looking forward to make a revolution by knocking Facebook off its perch.

The search engine has already released an app for the Android operating system. A Google+ app has been developed by Google especially for the Apple iPhone. Google is now waiting for the green signal to be given by Apple. Apple will however take its own time to give Google+ app an entry into its AppStore.

Apple, which has a threat that the apps could not be up to the mark or could damage iOS gadgets takes much time for testing to accept or discard any app. However, some other reasons are being suspected by some Google employees for the delay being made in accepting Google+ iPhone app.

The iPhone application has been sent to Apple for verification and testing around two weeks back. It is being wondered as to why testing is taking such a long time.

A technician from Google revealed that the Google+ iPhone app was submitted around ten days ago to the App store and is waiting for approval.

Apple to ship out 15 million iPhone 5 units
Jul 5th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone 5

Apple seems to be on the way to a monster presence in the market. Reports suggest that Apple is going inundate the market with 15 million iPhone 5s. The widely anticipated handet is supposed to hit the market in the month of September. To ignite interest and speculation in the market, Apple hasn’t issued an official statement regarding this latest handset. There are doubts on what would be the official name too! The Taiwan based manufacturer Pegatron has got the contract to build the phones.

As per the sources, this latest version from Apple is going to be largely similar to its predecessor. Going by the official naming conventions, this phone could be name iPhone 4S. Whatever may be the name, it sure is going to set things going for the ambitious phone maker.

Coming to the volume of the units that are ordered – 15 million seems like a great deal. Apple is known to be traditionally tight on the orders to begin with; which would then be ramped up systematically. However, there seems to be a change from the trend and Apple seems to be starting with a huge dump upfront.

Apple’s FaceTime to be challenged by Skype’s iPad App
Jun 30th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Skype Apple_logo_Large

Skype has prepared ground to launch a dedicated app for video conferencing for iPad 2, the popular tablet PC from Apple. This app from the VOIP services provider will compete with Apple’s FaceTime.

Given the fact that Microsoft is acquiring Skype for $8.5 billion, it seems to be planning to keep up with Skype’s multiple services on various platforms. Skype is popular among individuals already and business customers can not be far away from being lured.

iPad users were so far left with no option but to use Skype’s iPhone version app and thus did not get some key functionalities. A dedicated app will now be able to leverage on the popularity wave and help iPad users get all of it from Skype.

Users will be able to make voice and video calls over 3G and Wi-Fi networks. There will be a camera swap feature so that users can use both the front and the rear end cameras.

Apple FaceTime in contrast lets users make video calls using Wi-Fi alone. Business users would in that sense find life easier with the Skype app using which video calls can be made using 3G network.

The app pricing and release date are not yet announced though many of us expect it to come free.

Google Maps out of iPhone 5 ?
Jun 24th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Google Maps Navigation iPhone 5

There are rumours that Apple is working on its own navigation software and thus taking steps towards moving Google Maps out of its iOS devices. As per PC Mag, the market has everyone talking about Apple developing its own geo-location system for iOS 5 though there is no clear hint from the software giant.

It was MacRumors who unravelled the story for the first time claiming that Macs app in iOS 5 has a section for third party licenses which can be used for providing geo-location service to the iOS.

Apple acquired PlaceBase in September 2009 and Poly9 in July’10 both of which are navigation service providers and these events only give wind to fire.

There is however contradiction in the recent announcement made by Google in May 2011 stating that they renewed their map and search agreements with Apple.

The inclusion of companies like Urban Mapping, TomTom, Localeze, and CoreLogic hints at the possibility of Apple working towards its own navigation software. Let’s keep our fingers crossed till the fog clears.

Galaxy S II makes the right moves at the top!
Jun 10th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Galaxy S II

We reported in our earlier blog that Apple is being hounded in the market sales by its closest competitors.

And it seems the fears have come true for Apple. According to the latest sale figures from the last month, Samsung Galaxy S II is the most popular smart phone in UK. This means that Samsung has succeeded in usurping Apple from the perch.

The Samsung Galaxy S II comes with a large touch screen (4.3 inch) and has a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor. Also coming in the package is a 1 GB RAM, 16 or 32 GB storage space, an 8 Mega pixel auto focus camera with LED flash.

There also is a 2 Mega pixel front facing camera for video calls keeping in line with the latest trend. And of course, the usual suspects are always there in the model – FM Radio, 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi. The operating system is also the latest – Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

But what made Galaxy S II a hit in the market? Probably the impressive specifications were aided by the slim line design. This made it the best handset from Samsung to date and a hit in the UK market. Whether it would remain at the top and ward off the competition from Apple is something to be seen in the coming months.

Apple closed down by rivals!
Jun 8th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone 5

The news is out! Apple’s smart phone and tablet contract sales in the UK are being rivaled by its competitors HTC, Samsung and Motorola. This has been conformed from the latest reports according to the retail staff in UK.

The report states a huge demand for ‘high-quality-but-relatively-cheap’ HTC models like the Desire HD, Flyer tablet and the Desire S. Another fast moving product is the Motorola XOOM. Seen as a rival for Apple iPad, the Android-powered XOOM is reportedly witnessing a high-level demand from the seekers.

Even with the competition breathing down its neck, Apple has stuck to its position with its flagship products – iPhone 4 and iPad 2. These are still the most wanted models in the UK market.

According to the staffers at Orange, the iPhone is still the benchmark for most of the customers. Apart from the other questions, the common query is the comparison of the handset vis-à-vis iPhone.

The staffers at Carphone have reported that HTC Flyer and XOOM are more popular. If reports from them are anything to go by, the popularity of XOOM is such that, it is being sold out within no time.

Another model that is living up the competition is Samsung Galaxy S II. Tagged as the best-selling Android handset during its launch last month, Galaxy S II seems to be in line to challenge iPhone. The handset is well received by those looking for a non-iPhone model.

Apple still leads the pack but the seemingly invincible difference is being tracked down.

iPad 2 rival from Toshiba revealed
Jun 3rd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


Toshiba has named its forthcoming Android tablet as Thrive. It revealed the specs of the tablet too hitherto only known as Toshiba Tablet.

Toshiba seems to play a gamble having announced the lower pricing for the tablet compared to the market leader. Though we thought that the delay in launch was because of its wait for Nvidia’s quad-core chip, Kal El it turned out that the Toshiba Thrive will be powered by Tegra 2 dual-core processor.

Toshiba Thrive boasts of Android 3.1, and a 10.1 inch screen with a 1280 x 800 display resolution. Dual cameras (5 MP and 2MP), a removable battery system, and full-sized HDMI and USB ports make it even juicier. External mice and HDDs can be easily used with the Thrive thanks to its USB Host feature.

Toshiba has kept the pricing marginally low; however the Thrive is as much as twice the thickness of Apple iPad 2 despite the fact that Toshiba manufacturing ultra-thin Touchscreens.

Slated for sale in the US this July, the Toshiba Thrive will be priced at $430 (£260) for 8GB model, $480 (£294) for 16GB model and $580 (£355) for 32GB model. UK pricing and availability is yet to be announced and we will let you know soon.

iPhone 5 to hit the UK on November 21st ?
May 17th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


A phones4U employee seems to have informed T3 that the Apple iPhone 5 could hit UK on 21st November almost five months after it is expected to be showcased at Apple Worldwide Developer conference in San Francisco.

There was no more information disclosed however because of obvious reasons. A lot of unexpected events could be the reason for this. The natural disaster in Japan couple with the threat of a rising Android market might have had a say in Apple’s decision to delay the launch of iPhone 5 by a few months.

The competition may also take note of the delay and review their plans given the fact November is going to be the much awaited holiday season.

There are additional rumours that the handset could have a 4-inch edge to edge screen, A5 as well as the same dual core SoC as in Apple iPad2. The handset is also expected to sport better front and rear view cameras.

iTunes, MobileMe (voice recognition) could however turn out to be the most important things however from a services standpoint for iPhone 5.

Apple iOS 4.3.2 made available
Apr 17th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large iOS 4

The latest version of iOS in 4.3.2 is made available for download by Apple. Though it is a minor update, it has fixes for many bugs and security flaws in the flagship operating system. Going by the size of 600 MB plus, the update does not seem to be minor and a lot of issues might have got fixed.

Problems faced by both iPhone and iPad users have been fixed including a bug which led to blank screen or images frozen when they used Facetime in a video call.

The update fixes problems on both the iPhone and iPad which include a bug that occurred when using Facetime which led to a blank screen or a frozen image while in a video call.

Another issue where some international users had problem connecting to 3G networks has been fixed too. Other fixes in the update are related to security and it makes the gadgets all the more robust against hijack attempts.

We are not clear as to whether iOS 4 will get any new features; however iOS 5 is expected to come with new features and we can expect something on those lines in June at the Apple Developer Conference.

Google turns to tablets to take on Apple
Apr 9th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


Google is trying to turn the tables on Apple iPad. And now is the turn of tablets. Only time will tell if and when Apple’s domination would fade

If ever there is a device that has garnered favor all over the world, it is Apple’s iPad! It is one device that has brought more headlines to Apple than what even Steve Jobs might have hoped for. iPad was successful in shaping the perceptions of the future of computing. Come next week, customers in UK would finally discover that Apple has got competition.

There have been tablets before but the proposed launch of Honeycomb – Google’s Android tablet operating system would be the first to rival the aura of iPad; an aura that is nothing short of “magical”. The OS is supposed to be lapped up by many manufacturers.

iPad scores because of its intuitive web browsing, video experience in an elegant design plus all those Apps that allow people to augment the features on their device. The whole experience is tightly controlled and is consistently user-friendly which is what makes iPad what it is.

Honeycomb which would be a late entrant to the party has yet to reach or even rival the Apple experience. To expect the OS to deliver on the lines of iPad would be too premature. There are manufacturers who are trying to offer extras – like Asus offering a rival version of MS Office. It is nowhere close to what a perfect solution would be; however, it’s helping them plug the gaps. A look at the new apps such as Pulse News and CNN would reveal that Android can deliver news in a more engaging manner.

It’s no hidden fact that Apple is the benchmark to uphold for Google. If tablets are the future of computing, then they are not quite ready yet. However, if you are looking for a brilliant mail experience and bright prospects then Apple has competition. Expect Google to turn the tables and expect us to put the news across for you!

UK launch of iPad 2 fails to meet demand
Mar 29th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iPad Home Screen

The much awaited Apple iPad 2 in UK was sold out completely in just a  few hours. It just took two hours to sell out the second-generation tablet which went on sale in UK.

Apple’s leading London stores on Regent Street and in Covent garden saw hundreds of eager buyers line up outside much earlier than the launch at 5pm on friday. The iPad 2 is a lighter, slimmer version with dual-camera and dual process capabilities. For the first time, iPad 2 users can choose from either a black or a new white version. The iPad is available in a two models with the 16GB Wi-Fi only model starting at £399 to the high end 64GB Wi-Fi +3G model priced at £659.These two models cater to the requirements of a range of markets and end users.

The apprehension on the availability of stock was ascertained with the main stores running out of iPads to sell. Even the third party retailers like Currys and PC World could not meet the demand.

Apple’s Regent Street store could not confirm on the new stock availibility. However, a spokesperson for the outlet did inform that Apple’s website would post details on possible reservation for hopeful iPad 2 buyers willing to pick up the device from a store because online orders are expected to have a 3-4 week wait time currently.

A splash in the tablet market : iPad 2
Mar 4th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Apple iPad Home Screen

Apple iPad has been the market leader in terms of the market penetration that it achieved in the tablet computers space. And now Apple intends to repeat the success that iPad achieved as the technology giant is all set to unravel the iPad 2.

Come March 11, iPad 2 will hit the market though it seems to miss out some features that consumers hoped to see. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs quoted a few times during the launch of iPad 2 that competitors were unable to ship an actual rival to the Apple iPad. Even if we don’t run into a fact-finding mission on that claim, we still have an interesting situation to see how the tablet market gets affected after the arrival of iPad 2.

People have not adopted the tablet as much yet and the iPad 2 sounds an attractive option despite the fact that it has pretty much the same features which were being touted as the differentiators from Apple iPad viz., cameras, sizzling fast processors, and HDMI output.

Now that the Apple iPad gets all or most of what the competitors offered, it is quite a splash in the tablet market. And to add to the party, Apple slashed the price of the original to $350.

Apple iPad 3G a rage with Christmas shoppers in UK
Dec 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Apple iPad Home Screen

This November, the 3G version of the tablet from Apple recorded 80% of the total iPad sales in the UK. Shoppers in UK are more than interested in grabbing the 3G 64GB version of the Apple iPad and thus made it climb to the top of charts among gadgets as per market research firm, Context.

And Context believes that the sale of iPad has happened because of a major contribution by the network service providers’ sales outlets. The report also mentions that around half the shoppers in UK are purchasing the 64GB version while one-fourth of the Europeans seem to be buying the 3G tablet.

All in all, Apple seems to have succeeded in competing with Samsung Galaxy Tab by garnering a growth of 6.5% in the tablet sales across the European region on a month-on-month basis.

Context had stated earlier in the year that the Wi-Fi version of the iPad is more popular compared to the 3G version though.

App Store gets Skyfire iPad App with Flash
Dec 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iPad Home Screen Skyfire

The App store got Skyfire’s iPad app on Wednesday night and thus gets Flash enabled for its iPad. For just £4.99 the app that can be downloaded from the App store works as a web browser by converting flash content to HTML5 and then playing it in a separate window. And thanks to the iPad version and the 9.7-inch screen of the iPad, the window can be expanded to a full-screen mode.

There is a catch though as Flash games and apps are not supported and the support is only for Flash videos. The Skyfire has also got issues with some of the video based web sites and they are trying to get things working in a holistic sense.

Many of the recently added social components for Android by Skyfire have also been included with the iPad version of the app. Links to Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter are available in the menu bar at the bottom so that users can be connected to news, feeds, and followers from within the Skyfire app.

And then there is an option named Fireplace which pulls all the links shared by friends on Facebook so that you can open them up and watch videos in Skyfire. There is also a universal ‘Like’ button for you to like any page on the internet and thus show it up on Facebook.

Skyfire for iPad also includes a universal “Like” button, so you can like any page on the Internet and have it show up on Facebook.

Nokia filed legal suits against Apple in UK, Germany and Netherlands
Dec 20th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Nokia Logo Vs Apple_logo_Large

Today Nokia has announced that it has filed legal suits across European regions including UK against Apple, alleging that later has infringed its patents in Apple’s products which are sold in these countries. This adds count of legal suites filed by Nokia against Apple by 13 to current 24, which are already being heard in various courts.

As per sources from Nokia certain inventions related to user experiences like wiping on touch screen to navigate content or using an app store on device for providing access to constantly changing services and upgrades, are patent protected and sources also confirmed that these patents were filed almost a decade before launch of iPhone. Nokia sources feel that these are clear infringement of their intellectual property rights.

In UK alone Nokia has filed four new legal suites relating to touch user based interface, Modular Structures, signal noise suppression and on-device based app stores. Other countries where Nokia has filed legal suits are Germany and Netherlands. Apart from Nokia, Apple is already facing Patent Infringement allegations from other mobile manufacturers like Motorola. Motorola also has already filed legal suits against Apple.

Apple holds out iOS 4.2 from today
Nov 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iOS 4.2

Thanks to the arrival of iOS 4.2 platform from Apple, its snazzy devices – iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will sport new features.

Find My iPhone feature is now made available for free and you can thus search for your lost iPhone on a map, remotely set a passcode lock, display a message on its screen, and you can go to the extent of wiping out all your date remotely.

Another new feature is AirPlay which lets you stream digital media in a wireless fashion to your Airplay-enabled speakers and Apple TV from your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

And with the introduction of folders, life will become all the easier for users as they will be able to organize their home screens and tidy it up.

And to top it all, iPad gets multi-tasking and you can now print photos, web pages, email, documents and what not right from your iPod Touch, iPad or the iPhone. Keep an eye on iTunes as the update to the iOS 4.2 could start anytime around 6pm in the UK.

Apple app store gets Flash finally
Nov 2nd, 2010 by Andy Miles

Apple AppStore Adobe Flash

Come 4th November, Apple users across the globe will get to download a web browser which can play Flash content from the Apple App store. The browser from Skyfire is surely gonna fire up the raging battle in the Smartphone / Tablet space.

The Skyfire browser will be the first Flash app on Apple’s App store. Skyfire has made this possible by turning Flash into HTML5 web standard content and then iPhone users will stream the same from Skyfire’s servers.

Though Apple denied to support Flash-based content on its flagship iOS platform and Jobs made all kinds of statements in the same regard, Apple had to give a leeway to allow Flash compatible apps at the end.

Jobs ran the extra mile too when he made a scathing attack on Flash and advised the Wall Street Journal to drop the software. Adobe retorted that Flash is for a multi-platform world, but Microsoft dumping Flash on its flagship Windows Phone 7 platform is another thing to note.

Motorola Mobility recent on legal theater
Oct 8th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large MOTOROLA LOGO

Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary of Motorola, is a recent player on mobile legal theatre to file legal suit against its peers. Recently on Oct 6, Motorola Mobility has filed a complaint with International Trade Commission (ITC) against Apple.

The accusation, as per Motorola Mobility is, Apple has infringed on Motorola’s patents and used them in its suite of products like iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Mac Computers. The complaint has been filed in Southern District of Florida and Northern District of Illinois.

In the legal suit, Motorola Mobility even demanded stay on import of Apple products which has infringed into its intellectual rights. As per sources at Motorola, it has tens of thousands of patents filed across almost entire lifecycle of telecommunication industry ranging from invention of cell phone to first smart phone. The company has involved in negotiations with Apple from a long time, failing which it has turned to legal option.

The company has filed three complaints covering 18 of its patents, which Apple has used in its product range. Motorola is not alone in legal battle against Apple. Recently Apple has locked its horns with Finland based Nokia and Taiwan based HTC recently.

Apple iPad, iTunes on Samsung’s hit list
Sep 22nd, 2010 by Andy Miles

Samsung Galaxy Tab Apple iPad Home Screen

South Korean technology major, Samsung left no stone unturned to take on Apple’s iPad in its own backyard by launching its Galaxy Tablet computer in the US along with an online hub for movies and TV shows.

Samsung stated that US carriers Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will be selling the Galaxy Tablet unveiled early this month at the IFA electronics trade fair held in Berlin.

Touted as Samsung’s answer to the Apple iPad, the pricing of the Galaxy Tablet was not revealed though the announcement said that the tablet PC shall be available in the US in coming months.

A new content service named as “Media Hub” from Samsung.com will be offered access to the Galaxy Tab. Samsung wants to provide an overall digital experience to its customers by leveraging the new Media Hub. NBC Universal, Paramount, and MTV Networks partner the Media Hub along with Samsung.

The Media Hub shall offer a library of movies, along with new releases, full TV shows and television episodes.

The Galaxy tablet has dual cameras thus allowing video chatting and it supports Adobe Flash 10.1 too thus highlighting the glaring differences from Apple iPad.

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