Now grab the Google Nexus S Smartphone for just £285.65
Jul 23rd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Google Nexus S

The Gingerbread powered Samsung Google Nexus S Smartphone was launched last year with a price tag of £549 which was criticised then for being so expensive. Thanks to Prepaymania which is now offering the smartphone for nearly half the price at £285.65 including free delivery.

As such customers who placed their hands on the device eight months ago by shelling out full price will be disappointed to know this. Moreover, prices of better devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 have also come down in the past few weeks.

Powered by a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor, the Samsung-made handset features a 4-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen, 16GB memory on-board, 512MB RAM, a VGA front facing camera, a 5MP rear model coupled with an LED flash, HD video recording and autofocus. It also packs with it Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a USB port, GPS, Wi-Fi embedded NFC technology along with an amazing curved design.

Having no microSD card slot does not go down well though and it means that you cannot keep all the junk that you would love to keep on the device as the memory cannot be upgraded. One more drawback with the handset is the absence of an FM radio.
All in all, the Nexus S is definitely an amazing device, especially at this price.

Google Maps out of iPhone 5 ?
Jun 24th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Google Maps Navigation iPhone 5

There are rumours that Apple is working on its own navigation software and thus taking steps towards moving Google Maps out of its iOS devices. As per PC Mag, the market has everyone talking about Apple developing its own geo-location system for iOS 5 though there is no clear hint from the software giant.

It was MacRumors who unravelled the story for the first time claiming that Macs app in iOS 5 has a section for third party licenses which can be used for providing geo-location service to the iOS.

Apple acquired PlaceBase in September 2009 and Poly9 in July’10 both of which are navigation service providers and these events only give wind to fire.

There is however contradiction in the recent announcement made by Google in May 2011 stating that they renewed their map and search agreements with Apple.

The inclusion of companies like Urban Mapping, TomTom, Localeze, and CoreLogic hints at the possibility of Apple working towards its own navigation software. Let’s keep our fingers crossed till the fog clears.

Security patch for Android rolled out by Google
May 19th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Android 2.2

99 percent of Android users were affected by a security hole in Android and Google is rolling out a fix. It was German security experts who pointed to the gap through which a hacker could access Google calendar and contacts.

Researchers at the Ulm University earlier reported that these apps provided unencrypted information to get an authentication token from Google and this token could be stolen via WiFi snooping.

Anyone who can get such an authtoken can use it for several days and misuse your private information. Though this issue was fixed in Android 2.3.4 most of the users continue to use 2.3.3 and below versions and thus they were all at risk.

Google is thankfully updating all such handsets silently with a patch on server side making it a hassle-free affair for all the Android users. Servers will now be forced to use encrypted connections when communicating with a handset.

Despite analysts’ fears over the vulnerability, we hope that Google’s actions will lead to a safer world for all Android users.

Motorola Xoom first to enjoy Android 3.1 unveiled from Google
May 11th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Android 3.1

Google has come up with its first major update to Android 3.x Honeycomb today. As such, all the tablets which were earlier running Android 3.0 will get the Android 3.1 update in a few weeks. However, the 10-inch Motorola Xoom is the first to receive the update.

This Android 3.1 update includes a complete set of system performance upgrades and refinement such as placement, font changes and so on. However, there is also going to be an addition of few other new features and applications with the up gradation.

Earlier there was no wide range of support for USB devices. Thanks to the Android 3.1 update which allows you to connect anything from an Xbox 360 controller to an external hard drive with no obstacle at all. Simply saying, you can now use your Android 3.1 device as a USB host.

Other additions that are to be bundled with the update consists of Movie Studio a new video editing app, an app for Google’s new movie rental services, an updated Chrome web browser promising more speed along with a new Quick Controls menu. Also, the desktop widgets will be resizable.

All the current official Android 3.0 tablet users will be able to receive the Android 3.1 update in the weeks ahead. Therefore, Acer ICONIA Tab A500, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi model users will get the update.

Google turns to tablets to take on Apple
Apr 9th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


Google is trying to turn the tables on Apple iPad. And now is the turn of tablets. Only time will tell if and when Apple’s domination would fade

If ever there is a device that has garnered favor all over the world, it is Apple’s iPad! It is one device that has brought more headlines to Apple than what even Steve Jobs might have hoped for. iPad was successful in shaping the perceptions of the future of computing. Come next week, customers in UK would finally discover that Apple has got competition.

There have been tablets before but the proposed launch of Honeycomb – Google’s Android tablet operating system would be the first to rival the aura of iPad; an aura that is nothing short of “magical”. The OS is supposed to be lapped up by many manufacturers.

iPad scores because of its intuitive web browsing, video experience in an elegant design plus all those Apps that allow people to augment the features on their device. The whole experience is tightly controlled and is consistently user-friendly which is what makes iPad what it is.

Honeycomb which would be a late entrant to the party has yet to reach or even rival the Apple experience. To expect the OS to deliver on the lines of iPad would be too premature. There are manufacturers who are trying to offer extras – like Asus offering a rival version of MS Office. It is nowhere close to what a perfect solution would be; however, it’s helping them plug the gaps. A look at the new apps such as Pulse News and CNN would reveal that Android can deliver news in a more engaging manner.

It’s no hidden fact that Apple is the benchmark to uphold for Google. If tablets are the future of computing, then they are not quite ready yet. However, if you are looking for a brilliant mail experience and bright prospects then Apple has competition. Expect Google to turn the tables and expect us to put the news across for you!

Google Nexus S For £25.54 Per Month courtesy T-Mobile
Feb 9th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Google Nexus S

The Gingerbread powered Google Nexus S Smartphone was launched in December 2010 in the same price band as its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S. Mobiles.co.uk, a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse is offering the black version of the Smartphone.

On a two year contract, the Smartphone is available for £25.54 per month where in you get unlimited web browsing apart from 600 minutes, and 500 texts. The surprising thing is the pace at which the price of the Nexus S fell.

Powered by a 1GHz processor and 16GB memory on-board, the Samsung-made handset has a 4-inch WVGA AMOLED TouchScreen, a 5 megapixel front facing camera, and Wi-Fi embedded NFC technology.

Having no MicroSD card slot does not go down well though and it means that you cannot keep all the junk that you would love to keep on the device as the memory cannot be upgraded. The Nexus S is available for purchase on PAYG for £430 at Mobiles.co.uk.

Given the fact that the total cost of ownership turns out to e £613, it seems worth to pay £183 over a period of two years in exchange for loads of texts, minutes, and unlimited internet.

Google Nexus S pricing in UK is confirmed
Dec 13th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Google Nexus S

Pricing of new Google’s Nexus S built by Samsung, leading Android based mobile handset manufacturer, across UK has been unveiled.

Carphone Warehouse has confirmed the pricing plans for Google Nexus S and hints that handset will be available for free under contract for 24 months at £35 per month.

Earlier post on Google Nexus has described the features of the most awaited Android based mobile handset. Various networks like Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile has also announced their tariffs and plans along with Carphone Warehouse. Vodafone and Orange has come up with almost similar plan, which provides handset for free but has a tag of £35 per month for 24 months.. The plan comes with data plans of 750 MB and free talk time up to 700 minutes. T-Mobile has come up with unlimited data plan and free talk time up to 1200 minutes. It has come up with same monthly charges of £35 for 2 years, but has to pay £49 for handset.

T-Mobile plan has edge over others as it has unlimited data plan, which will be very lucrative for mobile internet users.

Google Nexus S can be used as Credit Card?
Dec 8th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

This seems to be an interesting title, yes one day Google Nexus S can be used as Credit Card is what experts believe.

Google Nexus SGoogle Nexus S, about whose availability I have posted yesterday, comes with a new technology called “Near Field Communication” (NFC), which allows users to read information on NFC tags. NFC Tags are becoming more common these days and one can find them in stickers, film posters or even T-Shirts.  One day it can also be used as Credit Card and users can do transaction just by swiping their Nexus S mobile phone.

This advanced handset has been developed by Google and Samsung and is run the fastest version of Mobile Operating Systems platform. The handset also supports gyroscope and internet phone calls and is only phone to offer this after iPhone 4.

Equipped with front and rear cameras for video calling, it also comes with an internal memory of 16 GB and is equipped with 1 GHZ Hummingbird processor and has a dedicated Graphics processing Unit. All together makes this to be one of the faster Smartphone available today in the market.

Nexus One store to be shut out by Google
Jul 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Google Nexus

Google had long enjoyed and made merry with an array of business strands online thanks to its Midas touch. However the mobile phone market turned out to be a different ball game as Google scampered for cover with its slipshod Nexus One phone.

Google thrived by various means be it the Google maps or be it the various Google services and it is a first of its kind that Google had to swallow a bitter pill. The search giant will no more be a mobile phone seller as it will close its Nexus One online store, soon.

Last year, when Google announced its plans to provide an array of mobile phones and to change the way mobile phones were sold, there were a lot of takers. However, after the launch of its Nexus One phone, the chances of Google keeping the promise are bleak.

It was early this year that Google stopped work on the next version of the Nexus mobile phone claiming that the Nexus One was such a huge hit that there was no need to replace it. However the actual reason now seems to be clear as it plans to close Nexus One store.

However those who cannot stop singing Google’s tunes can still buy the Nexus One albeit from traditional retailers and those who develop apps for Android can buy them online.

Google’s Android app creation tool
Jul 13th, 2010 by Andy Miles

Google_LOGO Android_logo

Here comes an amazing news for all the innovative techies as Google has come with Google App Inventor for Android using which you can create your own app for your smartphone.

Google has designed a new tool, the App Inventor using which Android app can be created even by those who have no coding knowledge. As such, this desktop application will enable young developers including university graduates and school children to write their own software for their Android based handsets.

Google App Inventor is a simple but effective tool for creating Android apps when compared to Nokia’s Ovi App Wizard which has certain limitations. The developers need to drag and drop chunks of code representing various functions into a template of sorts to create a unique app for the respective handset.

Various blocks have been made for different functions and purposes by the App Inventor team. This app gives access to GPS location sensor of the phone to build location-services app. You will also be given access to basic functions of the device with this interface.

The App Inventor for Android is a web-based tool and you have to connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable. This app is likely to be released in few weeks. Users willing to sign up to the Google App Inventor for Android require a Google email account and an Android based phone.

Google fixes Card-formatting flaws on Android
Apr 19th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Android_logo

The highly popular Android Operating System from Google has a problem formatting memory cards with higher capacities though they are declared compatible with the OS as per specs. The Google N1 product guide mentions that microSD cards upto 32 GB can be formatted using the device’s software.

As per reports from CNET, a CNET reader reported the issue with his Nexus One Smartphone. Google website declares the Nexus One to be compatible with microSD cards with capacities upto 32 GB, but the underlying Android platform’s inability to format 32 GB cards has been reported.

Google on the other hand confirmed the bug and claimed that it has been fixed. The updates would soon be available by Google over the air though they have not come up with a specific timeframe for the updates.

The background is that microSD cards need a a quick format often before using them in a new device. However, Android is limited to be able to format microSD cards with storage less than or equal to 16GB.

The bottomline is that any user who intends tp use a 32GB microSD card would have tp format it on a PC, and it implies that the user needs a Card Reader except in the cases where the computer comes with an in-built reader.

Google’s New Search App for BlackBerry Storm and Storm2
Mar 26th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Blackberry Storm 1

Last but not the least; you will be elated to know that a Mobile search engine has been made available by Google for its handsets Blackberry Storm and Storm2. This application which is a free download provides excellent features like Voice Search and Search history.

Through this Google’s search application, you can look out for all the stuff required from your mobile. This application is available in different versions which can be used on almost all Smartphone platforms like Android, iPhone and Blackberries. Though earlier Blackberry Storm and Storm2 were not into this category, now even they have been invited by Google.

A latest version of this search application has been specially designed for the Storms’ touch screens with awesome features like Voice search. As per this, you can directly speak to the handset and ask for your search queries which are later translated by Google into text. It then makes a quick search of the query all over the web and returns with the result to the handset.

As an added advantage, it provides Google Suggest that makes your search easy by suggesting search queries once you start typing. This application even allows you to access previous search results as it stores search history.

Another good thing is that the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 can download this application               free of cost. You will be even more bewildered to know that this application comes in 7 different languages which are spread over 20 different countries.

Google Maps Vs OVi Maps
Mar 17th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Nokia_Medium

With OVi Maps coming into market with its free turn by turn navigation, Google is finding it tough to maintain its competitive position. In such a situation, Google’s street view has come in its rescue, which is making a big change in maps and navigation market.

Google is first to make foray into free mapping arena few years back, but soon is threatened by ease of use and free maps by Ovi Maps.

To keep its position back on track, Google has come up with Street View feature in Google Maps, which allows user to view street on map in 360 degree, making mapping and locating activity more easier.

Now Nokia N97 mini is all equipped to present Google street view to its users. Clicking and holding on an area in map will load nearby address and tapping on the address come up with street view as one of options. Selecting street view option, will allow users to view street view on maps. This feature also allows users to move the street view forward or backward by clicking on corresponding arrows.

Google scores over yahoo yet again!
Mar 11th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Yahoo_Logo

Google beat its rival Yahoo when it was chosen as the default search engine for T-mobile phones.  Google’s popularity coupled with the customers usability are the apparent reason behind this move from T-mobile.

Going forward in all the new phones released by T-mobile, Google will be the preferred search engine.

Previously yahoo was the preferred search provider and T-mobile handsets like the blackberry RIM used yahoo search engines. Now this move will facilitate the users with better services and makes the mobile browsing experience all the more easy and needless to say a pleasant experience.

Google and T-mobile are teaming up for Google’s new android phone.  But this move came in soon after AT &T, the provider of iPhone services chose yahoo as their default search engine service. This arrangement may still be in place for some of yahoo’s services like Flickr, mail, sports, messenger and finance. In spite of gaining popularity with its tie ups in Taiwan and Germany yahoo still lost to Google.  More importantly, it is the end users like you who is going to benefit in ways more than one.

Facebook tops mobile internet usage
Feb 12th, 2010 by Pai Solebille

Facebook Logo

Facebook, the social networking website has won the top-spot among internet sites accessed via mobile phones with Google taking the second spot.

This information along with other statistics was announced by GSMA’s Mobile Media Metrics (MMM) during its launch on 4 Feb 2010.
Facebook, sitting at the top had 5 million unique visitors while Google sites had 4.7 million and BBC sites 1.8 million.

Facebook’s triumph continues in other categories such as pages viewed, where it had 2.6 billion pages viewed, far greater than the 900 million for Google sites.
In terms of time spent in minutes, Facebook viewers spent 2.15 billion minutes and Google viewers spent 400 million minutes.

Internet usage on mobile phones is growing rapidly, GSMA reported that in the UK, in December 2009 only, 16 million users accessed the internet from their mobile phones, 6.7 billion pages were viewed and a total of 4.8 billion minutes were spent online.

Facebook has clearly established itself as a leader in the mobile media market.

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