Three to offer new iPhone 4 on pay-as-you-go
Apr 28th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone 4 White 3-logo

Three mobile now offers Apple’s popular iPhone 4 on its Pay-As-You-Go unlimited data tariff. The PAYG iPhone 4 users can now enjoy the Three Mobile’s exclusive all-you-can-eat data plan.

The 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 is already being sold by the operator for £499.99 and £599.99 respectively. Moreover, now you can grab the iPhone 4 in either black or white. Users will be able to enjoy 300 minutes of talktime, 3,000 texts and unlimited data by going with a monthly top-up of £15.

This is of course a pretty good offer as users need not get tied to a single network by entering into a 24-month deal. Moreover, iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4S is also anticipated to be out in the next six months. No other network offers truly unlimited data other than Three.

O2 offers 500MB data on PAYG along with unlimited Wi-Fi access if you go with a monthly top-up of £10. Vodafone also offers you 500MB of data if you top up by more than £10 every month.

Orange provides its PAYG users with free internet on a monthly top up of £10. However, the data allowance comes with a cap of 250MB. T-Mobile also on a monthly top-up of £10 gives you unlimited data for 12 months which however comes with a cap of 500MB on streaming media.

Grab the iPhone 4 for free from Orange
Aug 22nd, 2010 by Andy Miles

Apple iphone 4 orange Android smartphones

Here comes an exciting offer from Orange to own the iPhone 4. Now, Orange is offering the 16GB iPhone 4 for free by charging £50 per month on a two year contract.

As such, Orange will cut off the onetime payment of £75 from the prospective customers looking to buy the device. Users will have to shell out a total cost of £1200 during the whole period to own the handset.

The deal will also be coming with 50 picture messages along with a free Orange Sat-nav from Orange. Not simply this, Orange is also offering 1200 call minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data allowance with the deal.

Orange has also adjusted its rest of the tariff structure. Now, you can swap some of your existing call minutes to get more mobile data as well as get access to Orange maps & photo messages. Orange further said that a cap of 750MB per month will be introduced for its unlimited Wi-Fi on BT Openzone.

3 UK is however offering the best value for money offer for the iPhone 4. It is offering a 32GB iPhone 4 for £189 on a £35 per month contract along with 5000 3-to-3 minutes, 900 anytime minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB of data allowance.

Orange did not reveal if £75 will be reimbursed to those who have placed preorder for the phone and are yet to receive it.

O2 now to offer iPhone 4 on PAYG
Aug 13th, 2010 by Andy Miles

O2 Apple iphone 4

After Vodafone, it is now O2 offering iPhone 4 on Pay As You Go deals. However, you will have to fork out £25 more to grab the gadget from O2 than from other carriers which will allocate you with 500MB of data allowance.

The iPhone 4 32GB can be grabbed for £595 whereas the 16GB version comes for £495. The operator which is charging £25 more than Vodafone and Orange for both the models could not give out any reason for this.

The gadget will be shipped with a text and web SIM card. Also, 500MB data allowance will be provided by the operator. By going with a monthly top up between £10 and £14, customers can avail 300 texts a month. Top up of £29 provides you up to 500 texts whereas £30 top-up allocates you with unlimited texts.

The iPhone 4 can now be owned by anyone on PAYG deals from O2 with full tariff details available on its web site. O2 is offering the device to new customers on contract from last week.

Three and T-Mobile have however not revealed any information as to when they will offer the iPhone 4 on Pay As You Go deals.

iPhone 4 now on PAYG from Vodafone
Aug 10th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iphone 4 Vodafone logo

Almost two months after the UK launch of the Apple iPhone 4G, Vodafone is now offering the phone on PAYG. Vodafone is selling the device whose price starts from £480 for the 16GB model and £570 for the 32GB model.

Users will be benefitted by this as they will be able to save £20 and £30 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively when compared to that of the SIM free versions of the iPhone 4. The PAYG models are bundled with wireless data access for 12 months, capped at 250MB a month on 3G and 1GB for BT Openzone Wi-Fi.

The iPhone 4 16GB which comes with 600 call minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB Wi-Fi along with 1GB internet carries a TCO of £959 over a period of two years.

Alternatively, to get the PAYG iPhone 4 having an equivalent SIM only plan, you will have to shell out £960. As such it is a good thing to opt the pay monthly version of the iPhone so as to avoid the hefty initial cost.

However, we just need to keep our fingers crossed and watch if pay monthly customers of Vodafone will be prioritised over its PAYG ones.

iPhone 4 tariffs out from T-Mobile
Jul 10th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

T-Mobile Logo Apple iphone 4

Finally, T-Mobile is geared up to throw its hat into the ring by unveiling its tariff plans in the UK for the iPhone 4 given the fact that carriers like Vodafone, Orange, O2 and 3 have already announced their iPhone 4 tariffs.

T-Mobile is not going to make its fans jump out of excitement as its pricing is not much different from that of other competitive networks such as 3 Mobile.

To grab a free handset with T-Mobile, you need to shell out £60 a month for iPhone 4 16GB on a 2 year plan. With this, you will get unlimited minutes, 500 texts and 1GB data. You can even go with £35 per month deal and grab the iPhone 4 16GB for £189 bundled with 600 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB data. T-Mobile offers the iPhone 4 32GB for £269.

T-Mobile also offers a budget £25 per month deal wherein the iPhone 4 16GB is priced at £259 and the iPhone 4 32GB costs £349. The deal is also bundled with 100 minutes, 100 texts and 500MB data.

However, PAYG deals are considered to be better as T-Mobile offers the iPhone 4 16GB for £499 along with a monthly top-up of £10 to reduce international call rates,  get free texts as well as 12 months of free internet. PAYG, however does not offer the iPhone 4 32GB.

Tesco Mobile Unveils its iPhone 4 Tariffs
Jun 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iphone 4

Finally the wait time to lay your hands on the much hyped iPhone 4 is over as the gadget is now available for sale at the counters. Greater resolution, the amazing Face Time video calling, multitasking, a 5MP camera and longer battery life are few tempting things about the iPhone 4.

With the major network carriers viz. Vodafone, Orange, O2 and Three unveiling their tariff plans, now Tesco Mobile is geared up to join the iPhone 4 price war. Tesco Mobile came up with its PAYG and contract prices for the iPhone 4. A 16GB iPhone 4 is being offered for £479 whereas a 32GB one for £569 on Pay As You Go.

You can go with a 12-month contract for £20 monthly and avail 250 minutes. The device costs are £349 for the 16GB iPhone 4 and £429 for 32GB iPhone 4. Another option is 12-month contract for £35 a month with 750 minutes. The upfront cost of the 16GB iPhone 4 is £229 and that of the 32GB iPhone 4 is £299. The third option is going with a 24-month contract for £45 a month and £19 or £99 are the respective handset costs.

However, Three offers the best value for money so far. It offers a 24-month contract for £30 a month bundled with 500 minutes, unlimited texts and internet. Also, the 16GB iPhone 4 is offered for just £99. Though Tesco Mobile announces its prices for the iPhone 4, Three happens to be cheapest network provider so far.

iPhone 4 Tariffs Unveiled Finally from 3 UK
Jun 19th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iphone 4 3 Mobile

Lot many factors are to be taken into consideration while buying an iPhone 4. It all depends on whether you opt to pay less for the handset and more on monthly contract or shell out more on the iPhone and less monthly.

With three major network carriers viz. Vodafone, Orange and O2 unveiling their tariff plans, now 3 is geared up to throw its hat into the ring. The smallest of UK’s mobile carriers, 3 UK is the last one to announce its tariffs for the iPhone 4 as it wants to compete the best with its rivals in terms of package and cost.

3 UK is said to be in direct talks with Apple in order to offer the best and cheapest tariffs to its UK customers. It is following a similar trick which it played to introduce the iPad package earlier with a monthly package of 10GB for just £15.

It was even reported earlier that iPhone smartphones were being offered surreptitiously to some 3 UK customers so that they don’t switch to other networks. However, 3 is currently inviting parties so as to register their interest on 3 UK website. The interesting thing is that the most expensive current 3 UK tariff of £30 a month happens to be less than the cheapest iPhone 4 contract on the market.

Register your interest for the iPhone 4 here

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