iPhone gets OneNote app ; free download for now
Jul 27th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft has made available the OneNote app for iPhone and it is available for free download on the App store, albeit for a limited period of time.

Microsoft stated that the app can be used to create, edit, and manage notes using its SkyDrive cloud platform thus allowing users to manage the notes on the cloud. Users can access the notes irrespective of their location as long as they have internet connectivity. The notes will be available from the iPhone as well as the computer.

Sized around 3.8 MB, the new OneNote app is compatible for the iPod Touch, iPad and the iPhone but it needs a minimum of iOS 4.2. One would also need a Windows Live mail account to make use of this app.

The OneNote app can be used for more than just plain notes as it provides MS Word kind of functionality by allowing bullets, checkboxes and images.

Microsoft has not yet stated the limited time period till which the app will be available for free and the pricing details of the app when it goes paid. Till then, let’s get it and see how it goes.

Apple to ship out 15 million iPhone 5 units
Jul 5th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone 5

Apple seems to be on the way to a monster presence in the market. Reports suggest that Apple is going inundate the market with 15 million iPhone 5s. The widely anticipated handet is supposed to hit the market in the month of September. To ignite interest and speculation in the market, Apple hasn’t issued an official statement regarding this latest handset. There are doubts on what would be the official name too! The Taiwan based manufacturer Pegatron has got the contract to build the phones.

As per the sources, this latest version from Apple is going to be largely similar to its predecessor. Going by the official naming conventions, this phone could be name iPhone 4S. Whatever may be the name, it sure is going to set things going for the ambitious phone maker.

Coming to the volume of the units that are ordered – 15 million seems like a great deal. Apple is known to be traditionally tight on the orders to begin with; which would then be ramped up systematically. However, there seems to be a change from the trend and Apple seems to be starting with a huge dump upfront.

Guardian iPhone App scales new peaks!
Jun 11th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone 5

The new reports state that the official iPhone app from The Guardian has had more than 400,000 downloads. The app launched in January seems to be quite a hit among the UK mobile users.

Guardian News & Media which owns and runs ‘The Guardian’ paper along with ‘The observer’ and the website has released a report which has stated the aforementioned news.

The app, which was released way back on January 19th, has been downloaded by users more than 400,000 times thus far. The iPhone allows users to get some content free of cost. There is a subscription plan as well for the users that charges £2.99 for six months and £3.99 for an annual subscription for full access to the app.

The report states that the iPhone app has 67,258 paid subscribers. The number looks more satisfying when seen in the context that in the US, where the app is available free of cost, the Guardian for iPhone app has received only 36,089 subscribers.

The report has also put forth the statistic that about 10 percent of the online traffic for the Guardian website comes from its mobile website.

At a time when the mobile has become the buzz of the world and everyone seems to be joining the bandwagon, ‘The Guardian’ seems to have set forth the benchmark for others. It remains to be seen, however, if they would scale more peaks

Apple closed down by rivals!
Jun 8th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone 5

The news is out! Apple’s smart phone and tablet contract sales in the UK are being rivaled by its competitors HTC, Samsung and Motorola. This has been conformed from the latest reports according to the retail staff in UK.

The report states a huge demand for ‘high-quality-but-relatively-cheap’ HTC models like the Desire HD, Flyer tablet and the Desire S. Another fast moving product is the Motorola XOOM. Seen as a rival for Apple iPad, the Android-powered XOOM is reportedly witnessing a high-level demand from the seekers.

Even with the competition breathing down its neck, Apple has stuck to its position with its flagship products – iPhone 4 and iPad 2. These are still the most wanted models in the UK market.

According to the staffers at Orange, the iPhone is still the benchmark for most of the customers. Apart from the other questions, the common query is the comparison of the handset vis-à-vis iPhone.

The staffers at Carphone have reported that HTC Flyer and XOOM are more popular. If reports from them are anything to go by, the popularity of XOOM is such that, it is being sold out within no time.

Another model that is living up the competition is Samsung Galaxy S II. Tagged as the best-selling Android handset during its launch last month, Galaxy S II seems to be in line to challenge iPhone. The handset is well received by those looking for a non-iPhone model.

Apple still leads the pack but the seemingly invincible difference is being tracked down.

Napster launches iPhone and Android app
May 20th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Napster Logo

Napster is now a legal service and it has come up with an iPhone and Android app using which its users can listen and buy music on their Smartphones.

The app is available free for download in the iTunes and Android market and it has Napster’s 15 million song library apart from ability to save playlists and recommended artists information.

Music can be saved on the handset and the same can be played whenever you have internet connectivity. Spotify was in news because of halving its free music allowance and the entry of Napster seems to be at a good time. In order to succeed, Napster will however have to deal with a lot of other competitors viz., Last.fm and TuneIn Radio.

The best part of it is however the fact that you do not need to be glued to a computer anymore just to enjoy some music as you can access your library from mobile.

Though Napster is free to sign up, you need to subscribe to get some features like offline mode, unlimited streaming and connection to home devices. You can either pick a subscription for £5 per month (or £50 for the year) for the Napster Unlimited or £10 per month (£100 for the year) for the bells and whistles package.

iPlayer to iphone?
Jan 28th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


The wait seems to come to an end – or so it appears according to the latest reports. With the BBC iPlayer set to land on the Apple iPhone and iPad within a month, the industry is abuzz with excitement.

The apps that were announced little over an year ago, and given a nod by the BBC trust around six months back, are one of the long awaited by the iPad owners; particularly those who cited the promised iPad app as a reason for spending out on Apple’s tablet

Now, according to PaidContentUK, the apps will be available from the App Store by the end of February. This coincides with the date that project head, the Beeb’s Future Media and Technology director Erik Huggers leaves and moves on to his job at Intel. The news will come as a relief to those mobile viewers who have struggled with accessing the content through their Safari browser on Apple devices.

In terms of functionality, most of it is under wraps as of now. The apps are likely to have social networking features integrated largely with an interface similar to the user-friendly offering already provided by the iPlayer website. It still, however, is unknown if it would boast exactly the same line-up and availability of content.

The iPlayer app for iOS devices is likely to only be available to UK viewers. So, be ready for the ride!

UK gets MyTown on iPhone game
Aug 7th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda


The iPhone game based out of locations has now been made available in the UK, Canada and Australia. The sensation from US has 2.8 million fans thanks to the combination of real-life hotspots with Monopoly, the classic board game.

Players can buy real-world property with virtual currency and they can also upgrade the property so that the cash value increases. There is also an option to create items at a location and to scan certain objects into the property using a barcode scanner.

Rent can be charged if someone else enters into one of your properties. What this means is that you get more and more rent as the number of visitors to your property increase. Owning popular properties or buildings is thus going to help you if you intend to become the top player.

Experience points are given as a reward depending on how vast your property is growing out to be. Apart from the social aspect, MyTown is a game which can be addictive. The game combines the thrill of owning real-life properties and has the social interaction touch to it. It can soothe your nerves too if you happen to virtually own the home of someone you dislike.

The game is available for free download on the App Store and you need to rush if you want to own some of the famous properties.

UK launch of BBC News app for iPhone and iPad
Jul 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone Apple iPad Home Screen

Finally, the much awaited free-to-download BBC News iPhone and iPad app has been released in the UK. The apps for Apple products were actually supposed to be released in April 2010.

Apps for devices such as Android phones will be released in the later part of the year. Also, similar apps for iPlayer and BBC Sport are also in the coming soon pipeline.

The apps however do not show any significant change to the already existing public services of BBC. There are other news organisations already in the market which provide apps to people so as to keep them updated with the happenings.

The Newspaper Publishers Association (NPA) had a fear earlier that nascent market for apps would be spoiled if free apps made an entry in the market. The newspaper industry was worried as the major independent news organisations largely depend on platforms other than print to make money so as to survive.

The apps market is so large which cannot be ignored by BBC. BBC will also have to attract new readers on new platforms in order to save itself from being doomed.

Dragon Speech apps on the shelf for iPhone in UK
Jul 20th, 2010 by Andy Miles

iPhone Nuance

iPhone users in the UK are set to have a ball as software manufacturer, Nuance has launched its Dragon speech-to-text apps in the UK.

The Apple iTunes store will host Dragon Search and Dragon Dictation apps for free so that the iPhone users in the UK can get a glimpse of all that the Dragon apps can do.  Nuance has anyways got plans in place to launch a marquee campaign for the advanced versions of its software.

As per Reuters, the Dragon Search and Dragon Dictation iPhone apps will soon be available in the UK for free just the way they are available in the US. For those interested in hits and downloads, the Nuance apps have been downloaded 3.7 million times in the US.

Just imagine if it would not feel like heaven when you can dictate and search something across the web rather than typing it on your mobile. Dragon Search is set to make all that a reality. Dragon Search would make voice searches available on Yahoo, Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, and iTunes store.

And then we have Dragon Dictation application which allows people to record 30 seconds of speech. The speech can then be sent as an SMS or an email after conversion by the app.

Universal app for iPhone and iPad, Zen Bound 2
Jul 15th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large ZenBound

Zen Bound 2, the iPad toy from Secret Exit will soon get a facelift to be transformed into an app for the iPhone along with the iPad. This is based on the news that a request for approval has been sent by the developer to the Apple Appstore.

The game which helps people relax has something for everyone, whether you have a snazzy iPhone at hand, an iPod Touch, a classic iPhone or the bigger iPad tablet at your disposal as it comes loaded with graphics native for each of the above mentioned devices. And there are graphical enhancements for 3rd gen devices including Gyro sensor support on the iPhone 4.

Priced at £4.99 / $7.99 / €5.99 initially, the new universal version of the game will cost £1.79 / $2.99 / €2.39. Secret Exit has provided discount keeping in view the upcoming updates.

And to add icing on the cake, the developer has launched the official soundtrack for free into the market through its website, zenbound.com. This has been done to celebrate the ultimate Zen bound version.

The Zen Bound 2 update should be on your gadgets in two weeks.

iPhone soon to have Apple iWork
Jul 1st, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

iWork iPhone

If rumour mills can be trusted, Apple iWork could soon be available to all iPhone users out there. iWork is the productivity software suite from Apple which has been available only on the Mac and the iPad so far.

Technology blog 9to5mac.com however published some near-original screenshots to suggest the arrival of the iWork app pages on the iPhone. It was when Apple used a screenshot showing the option ‘Open in Keynote’ that the rumours about the potential release got fuel to fire.

Rumours have been running thick across the industry since then and to add to them, the Apple news related site iPodnn released some screenshots captured on an iPod Touch gadget to show iWork pages for an iPhone application.

Similar to what is available on the Mac and iPad, the iWork application for the iPhone seemed to have document navigation options, wooden toolbar UI, etc., when we see the screenshots on 9to5mac.com.

iWork can offer an excellent addition to the repertoire of functionalities offered by Apple gadgets. It is expected to enable wireless synchronisation of documents with Apple devices viz., iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch.

Apple iOS 4 available from Today
Jun 21st, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

iOS 4 iPhone

The Apple iPhone users will be excited to know that they can download the revamped operating system iOS 4 from today. As such they will gain a sneaky peek at few of the iPhone’s latest features like iBooks and multitasking.

iPhone 3G and 3GS users will not only be able to read books on their device but also browse and buy titles from the Apple store with the iBooks application. iPad owners will also be allowed to sync their existing iBooks library as well as add PDF files to it.
Also, iPhone 3G and 3GS users will be allowed to organise applications into folders with click-and-drag using a new handy feature. Additionally, users can send apps as gifts to friends using iOS 4.

iPhone 3GS users can benefit with the multitasking feature that allows running multiple apps and switching between them without disturbing the main app performance.

The iOS 4 also adds improved email options such as a unified inbox for number of email accounts, photos plus the iPod app. It supports the set wallpaper and lock screen options too. iOS 4 will even enable users to correct the misspelled words in their Mail and Notes.

Unfortunately, users of the original iPod touch and iPhone cannot take the advantage of the iOS 4. Also, iOS 4 cannot support HD video recording like the high resolution iPhone 4, which hit the online stores on Thursday and recorded around 600,000 pre-orders in a single day.

Free Satnav App from Skobbler for UK iPhone Users
Jun 15th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iphone 4

Skobbler, the maker of video and audio navigation systems, has released the free German turn-by-turn sat-nav service for the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS.

The satellite navigation application incorporates the OpenStreetMap navigation service. The iPhone users can access the sophisticated sat-nav service free of cost. This service is made available to iPhone users in the UK and Ireland via Apple’s App Store.

OpenStreetMap is a user-generated Wikipedia. Skobbler allows users to edit online navigation maps with their latest discoveries. As such, the iPhone users can help out other users by including their own routes. The concept of Skobbler is that the data here is very much up to date when compared to other sat-nav companies which occasionally roll out updates.

However, the drawback with the sat-nav is that the system has potential threat to error or abuse. Skobbler also offers smart features such as visual and voice guided options, pedestrian mode, day and night display modes and auto continuation of navigation after incoming calls.

The free application is supported by mobile adverts. However, to download the full ad-free version, you will have to shell out just £1.99.

iPhone app store has Skate It app from EA Mobile
May 10th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

EA LOGO iPhone

Those who love to play Skateboarding have good news around as EA Mobile offers “Skate It” app for the iPhone and iPod Touch at just £3.99.

Skate It will be an entertainer beyond doubt for those who understand words like gnarly, grind-rail, and goofy.

This app is simulation software. It is not as exhaustive as the popular Tony Hawk series but the skating game should be a major attraction to people who love extreme sports on the iPhone.

Users need to swipe the screen to be able to perform tricks, which is common to games of this segment. Players can also unveil newer tricks, skate boards and clothing and thus customize the app. Recording is possible to capture moments of the game so that they can be shared with the world.

iPhone gets a new app for Rolls-Royce Ghost
May 6th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Rolls-Royce Ghost iPhone

For those who can afford to buy a car for around $200,000 there is this new app for iPhone called as the Rolls-Royce Ghost app. This app can be used to order a customized version of the car, after choosing the requisite features.

And for those who can only dream to buy a luxury sedan, this app can only be helpful to scrape through how the Rolls Royce looks.

And if you are one of those who can own a Rolls-Royce, you can customise your Ghost with all details including the colour, the way the exhaust looks, the seating, the leather used for seats and so on.

The Ghost has is powered by a 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 engine, and comes with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. It clocks 4.7 seconds for 0 to 60.

Nigella launches a cooking app for iPhone
Apr 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

nigella lawson iPhone

Nigella Lawson has made strides into the already crowded iPhone app space by offering a cooking app for the iPhone. There are around 3 million iPhone users in the UK and more than 50 million worldwide and that means there is a huge set of people than those who watch her on BBC2.

Scrabble lovers, trainspotters, and bird-lovers all have innumerable apps to fulfill their needs and now we have Nigella.

Cooking apps have made a mark over the last few months on the Apple iTunes, the store which sells all such apps for the iPhone. There are a whopping 1, 85,000 apps on the store and five out of the top 15 popular paid-for lifestyle applications are from Cooking with Nigella’s app already ranked the second from top within a week after the launch.

The apps can help you zoom through the recipes on your way back home and decide the recipe for the evening. Once selected, the shopping list is also made ready by the app so that you don’t miss anything from the store. And then there is a reverse function which provides the recipes depending on what is available in the refrigerator.

So, gear up for some cookery tips and recipes from your iPhone.

iPhone code tools taken off by Adobe
Apr 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Adobe

Adobe will not make software tools which would allow the Apple iPhone to use Adobe’s Flash technology on Apple’s devices though it earlier promised support to Flash on gadgets.

Adobe Flash is widely used on the internet for animations, and multimedia. However Apple does not support Flash and has been critical of the technology in public.

Adobe released software called Creative Suite 5 which translated flash code into programs which can run on iPhone, in mid-April and shortly before that, Apple came up with a new set of terms and conditions that iPhone and iPad app makers need to adhere to.

Application developers across the board criticized Apple’s move and the new rules simply ban all such apps which use code translators like the Creative Suite 5 from Adobe.

Apple stated on CNet that the Adobe Flash technology was closed and proprietary and went on to say that it would prefer to support more open standards technology which can do all that Flash does.

Adobe will now be concentrating on Google’s Android OS to make sure that Flash technology works on it, as per official reports.

iPhone app from Apposing for Liverpool Binennial
Apr 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apposing Liverpool biennial

Apposing, the local technology specialist is fresh from its success in launching its application for the Echo Arena Liverpool and is now gearing up to bring a new iPhone application which will coincide with the Liverpool Biennial.

The Liverpool Biennial is a 10-week arts festival and Apposing is creating navigation software to help users find their way out to cultural places and venues using GPS and interactive maps. The software would also handle information about venues, artist profiles, videos, and images.

For people who don’t have access to Apple gadgets, there would be iPod Touch devices on hire along with the software already downloaded for use.

Liverpool officials claim that the Biennial is always on the prowl to changes the rules of the game by introducing innovative things and that the use of iPod Touch and iPhone would surely make the visitors happy.

The festival is from 18th September and the free app will be available for download six weeks before that from Apple Store.

iPhone app from Ether Books for short stories
Apr 19th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone Ether Books

For long, it has been the order of the day that publishers do not invest in short stories because they do not generate enough revenues even if they flow from well known authors’ pens.

Ether Books is trying to redefine the dogma attached to short stories as it gears up to find a better place for the short stories in the form of iPhone platform rather than the hard copy.

Ether Books believes that short stories can weave magic as they are ideally suited for a mobile and they can act as a quick bite of fiction which users can enjoy over a small bus ride or a train ride.

The launch of the iPhone App from Ether was done at the London Book Fair and it hopes to be able to sign up an array of big names to its list while it already has the likes of Lionel Shriver(We Need to Talk About Kevin) and Alexander McCall Smith (The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency).

The app is for essays as well as poems too. It comes with some free stories and will charge nominally for the rest. Let us watch out how Ether Books gets to do with this rather not so highly rated form of art.

iPhone gets Opera web browser
Apr 13th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

iPhone Opera

Apple has got the distinction of not approving any applications which deal with the core functions of the iPhone. However, it was a different story with Opera’s iPhone specific web browser and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the users. The competition to Apple’s own Safari web browser is now available on the iPhone app store.

Given its data compression feature to compress content before delivery to handsets, downloads can be faster in comparision to other browsers and thus there can be savings on data usage bills. Opera has hence got a huge number of loyal mobile phone users.

Opera is clearly delighted over this development as it gears up to offer unmatched web browsing experience with the Opera Mini browser.

This development becomes all the more interesting as other software developers like Microsoft, Google and Mozilla may not be far behind from developing such apps and applying for approvals.

With more than 50 million users on various platforms across the globe, Opera Mini has clearly made a mark, thanks to its speed and ease in tab navigation. Synchronisation of bookmarks between the mobile and desktop browsers is all the more useful. Let’s wait and watch how the Opera Mini browser fares in the iPhone world.

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