Virgin Media partners with Spotify
Jul 6th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

virgin media Spotify

Spotify has signed on the dotted line to herald a much awaited partnership with the internet service provider, Virgin after reports last October.

There has been a dearth of initiatives from ISPs to support the drive against digital piracy except for a few of them including Sky Songs service which went down last year due to lack of users.

Virgin’s web and mobile packages will now make Spotify available for £4.99 and £9.99 respectively. Another interesting part of the partnership will be a Spotify app which will feature in Virgin Media’s TV set-top box using Internet connectivity.

There is however lack of clarity about the pricing of the app’s usage via the TV set-top box. We need to see if the broadband and mobile customers will get any discounts on their way to Spotify’s 13 million songs.

It will be later this year that the integration of Spotify with Virgin will go live. There has been complete confidentiality about the revenue sharing agreement however.

Virgin Media partners with Spotify
Exclusive Green Spiro on PAYG via Virgin Media
Sep 13th, 2010 by Andy Miles

Virgin Green Spiro

Have you been on the lookout for a Walkman-branded budget handset in the market on PAYG? If you are indeed looking for one and if you love the white and green combination, then you can jump in joy because Virgin media is offering the Sony Ericsson Spiro in spring green on PAYG for just £59.99.

The Spiro is up for grabs in a variety of colours viz., contrast black, sunset pink, and stealth black; however it is only Virgin Media which offers the green coloured handset.

Powered by Sony Ericsson’s Walkman branding, Spiro has FM Radio in-built along with an MP3 player. The handset comes with a free 2GB memory card which can easily be expanded to 16GB enabling you to save an array of multimedia files.

The Spiro has got a full set of dedicated music keys on the front side and a numerical keyboard behind the screen on the slide-down. The Spiro is all about music. As an example, it comes powered by TrackId to find details of the song from a recorded snippet, a 3.5 mm connector and access to PlayNow store.

The low-priced handset weighing just 90g comes spruced up with an impressive 2 megapixel camera, and pre-loaded apps for Twitter and Facebook so that you can keep up with all near and dear. Spiro can be lapped up through other providers like Vodafone and Orange on PAYG. O2, Vodafone, and Orange provide monthly deals for Spiro as well.

Sony Ericsson Spiro for £59.99, courtesy Virgin Media
Sep 12th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Virgin Spiro

Mobile service provider, Virgin Media has got a new low-priced mobile phone up its sleeve in the form of the Sony Ericsson Walkman series phone, Spiro. The Sony Ericsson Spiro is being touted as the perfect phone for music lovers by Virgin.

Spiro can be picked up for £49.99 if bought with a £10 credit on Pay As You Go. Powered by Sony Ericsson’s Walkman branding, Spiro has FM Radio in-built along with an MP3 player.

The handset comes with a free 2GB memory card which can easily be expanded to 16GB enabling you to save an array of multimedia files.

The low-priced handset comes spruced up with an impressive 2 megapixel camera, and pre-loaded apps for Twitter and Facebook so that you can keep up with all near and dear.

It has been around 5 months that Sony Ericsson unveiled the Spiro and it noted that its Walkman range of mobile phones had clocked sales of 130 million across the globe since its 2005 launch.

VM202 QWERTY slider phone from Virgin Media
Aug 18th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda


UK mobile network provider Virgin Media unveils Alcatel VM202, a budget QWERTY slider handset. The VM202 phone is the latest edition to its range of budget handsets. The VM202 can be grabbed for just £29.99 on PAYG.

The handset which is available in dazzle pink colour boasts a ‘soft touch’ slide out QWERTY keyboard. It also packs other features such as MP3 player along with MP4 video playback, 3.5mm audio jack, an inbuilt FM radio, a VGA camera and 1GB of memory via microSD card as well.

The VM202 budget handset is best suitable to youngsters as it offers access to Facebook, Instant Messenger, Twitter as well as emails. Additionally, Opera Mini has also been provided for improved web browsing.

According to Virgin Media’s director of mobile, Jonathan Kini, the VM202 is perfect for teenagers to go with as it provides easy access to Facebook and Twitter along with amazing multimedia features. Also, it is beneficial for the existing Virgin Media families that are allowed to make free calls between Virgin home phones and Virgin mobiles.

Users can also get 300 additional text messages by going with a top up of £10 when they purchase the Alcatel handset. Moreover, users will enjoy typing with the ‘soft to the touch’ sliding QWERTY keyboard of VM202.

Grab the Samsung S8500 Wave on Virgin Media and Vodafone UK
Jun 11th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Wave

Samsung S8500 Wave, the first DivX certified Smartphone with Bada-power was announced at the Mobile World Congress, earlier this year. Vodafone UK and Virgin Media have come up with a couple of enticing deals for the UK smartphone lovers. You can grab the new Samsung S8500 Wave smartphone for free by going with plans that start from £25 a month.

People who want to try out a smartphone for the first time will be happy with this big announcement. The handset breaks the shell by keeping away from the more famous Google Android and the Windows Mobile platforms and relying rather on Samsung’s own OS, Bada. The Wave gives user friendly experience with plenty of efficient available applications.

With £25 monthly tariff of Vodafone UK, you will get 500MB of data allowance, 300 minutes of calling time and unlimited texts. Whereas Virgin Media offers a talk time of 600 minutes along with similar 500MB of data allowance and unlimited texts. Though Virgin offers more talk time, you will still have advantage from Vodafone in terms of area coverage.

Samsung S8500 Wave is the first of its kind to get DivX certification for a Smartphone. This phone is based on source Bada operating system, which assures adaptability in terms of a wide range of applications being developed. Another feather in its cap is its HD touch screen with new super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display, which gives high visual quality, unmatched tone, and color depth.

Apart from the quality screen, Samsung S8500 Wave is also considered to be the fastest of its league with 1 GHz processor. It not only displays quality images, but also allows capturing quality images through its 5 megapixel camera with a high quality video recording capability and also HD video playback.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 HTC Desire Ready from Virgin Media
Apr 1st, 2010 by Dipak Sarda


The much awaited Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and the HTC Desire are being sold by Virgin Media from today as per its announcement. The positive thing about these handsets is that both Virgin as well as non-Virgin Media customers can go with these phones.

As per the news, you can avail the HTC Desire on a two year contract deal by paying £30 a month along with a free phone. However, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 which is offered with a similar deal on PAYG plan costs £50 more than that of the HTC Desire.

Additional offers

Virgin Media is also offering its existing customers few additional benefits like free calls to any Virgin mobile, free calls to Virgin mobiles from their home phones. Customers can also go with either the same monthly plan for a shorter period of 18 month deal or with a low cost plan of just £5 for the same term of the contract.

Virgin Media with an intention of increasing the number of its cutting edge Smartphones, is coming with an attractive deal by offering the BlackBerry Bold 9700 to its customers exclusively for one month deal.

8p PAYG tariff from Virgin Media
Mar 30th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Virgin PAYG

Branson brand is all set to launch 8p rate to mobiles and landlines for texts and calls.

You will be happy to know that a new PAYG tariff is all set to be launched by Virgin Media thereby costing just 8p a minute for calls and texts. The Simply 8p plan which comes bundled with some more tempting offers so as to lure the Pay as you go (PAYG) customers into switching their service providers.

You will be surprised to know that most of the PAYG packages charge just 8p for texts. Also, landline and mobiles calls cost the same. The call rate is charged on per minute basis rather than a flat rate.

As an added advantage, Virgin Media is also offering its 8p customers 50 free minutes every month which can be used in making calls to other Virgin mobiles.

However, the most eye catching thing of 8p PAYG tariff is its international roaming rate as per which texts cost just 16p and calls charged at 16p per minute. To sum it up, 8p with further details about it is expected to enter the market next month.

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