HTC Holiday is out
May 23rd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

HTC Gratia

HTC is set to continue its trend of different names for its handsets! Will this new model pave the way for HTC’s domination in the market? Is Holiday going to be the key to HTC’s success?

Looks like HTC is set to carry on with its current trend of different names for its phone releases. Just like the Chacha and Salsa, the next phone from the HTC stable is set to be christened differently.

HTC is set to name its latest model as Holiday – although the name is just a codename for the time being. The latest name is known to the web world as part of the spec sheet spilled on the net. Though there is plenty of time before the handset is released and the christening can be done to a more appropriate name.

The spec sheet also mentions a huge 4.5 inch display, an 8 MP camera, a 1.2 GHZ dual-core engine and of course, a front-facer for video chats to go in line with the latest trend. Even though the source is just a leak on the net, the reports say that Holiday would be running on Android Gingerbread.

HTC has already doled out models of this caliber – Sensation, to name one; however, it must be noted that none of those have quite a large screen as Holiday. This could pave way for HTC to hook its users with a move streaming service. Will the Holiday create ripples in the market? Watch this space.

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