LG to announce release of its 3D capable Tablet across UK
January 23rd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Post image for LG’s G-Slate might also be annoucned for UK at Mobile World Congress 2011

LG is planning to make an important announcement, release of its 3D capable Tablet across UK, during Mobile World Congress. LG’s this 3D capable tablet is already available in United States of America and was success there.

LG calls this 3D capable tablet as LG G-Slate and this G-Slate is available with really high end technical specifications. It is built over Android 3.0 (which is popularly known as Honeycomb), the only Mobile Operating System built for Tablets. After the operating system, this Tablet is powered by Tegra 2 dual core processor, which makes it intelligent and fast.

G-Slate is interfaced through 8.9 inch screen and more important feature of it is its 3D capability and another feature makes it even special is, this does not need users to 3D glasses to view 3D content.  Cherry over this cake is its 3D camera. The tablet is fitted with a 3D camera, which allows users to take 3D images and videos and view them over its 3D screen.

Other miscellaneous features include 4G connectivity, rear and front cameras of 5 Mega Pixel and 1.3 Mega Pixel each, two ports for HDMI and micro USB and long lasting 6400 mAh battery .

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