Number of Nokia Care Service centers going to be reduced
December 7th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda


Nokia has announced that it is planning to reduce number of Nokia Care Service centre across UK to one third by March next year. Number of centers to handle handset repairs will be reduced from 78 to 50.

Nokia has already served notice to nearly third of its Nokia Care agents that is planning to reduce number of service and repair points across UK. The notice will be followed by a three month review period. One of the reasons for this move would be, Nokia may be planning to start its own exclusive service centers.

Nokia is the only mobile handset manufacturer who follows third party service centers model to handle warranty faults for customers. This model has been launched by the manufacturer more than a decade ago and at one point of time across UK, numbers of service centers were near to 100.

Though Nokia sources are trying to maintain this move as part of its ongoing renewal program to improve its customer care experience, existing Nokia Care agents consider this to be the biggest error Nokia is doing.

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