Sony Ericsson LiveView now more affordable
December 6th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Prices of little cute Bluetooth Android phone controller from Sony Ericsson has dropped few more pounds now. It has dropped close to 10% from earlier £ 56 and is now available at £ 49.99 over Amazon UK.

Sony Ericsson Live viewIt is a cute little OLED display, which can be easily clipped along any where on your outfit and can show you updates from your phone regularly. It picks up updates from your Android based Smartphone and shows it to you on its display. It can be very helpful to know details about incoming calls or messages, when you are not able to pick it up may be in class rooms or meetings.  

It is really cute little gadget measuring 35 X 35 X 11 mm, made up of plastic (to keep it light weight) along with color OLED display. The gadget is equipped with a metal clip, which allows it to hang it around easily, it also comes with a strap option to tie around wrist. Over its body it has two control buttons and a microUSB port for charging. 

Current price drop has made it even more affordable for UK customers.

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