Vodafone UK brings down cost of data for its customer across Europe
December 9th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Vodafone logo

To survive cut throat competition in Mobile Market, Vodafone UK has come up with plan to reduce the data charges for its customers across Europe.

Vodafone has its well established presence across Europe. It is planning for this new offer by leveraging its Group operates across European. The plan named “Vodafone Data Traveler” will allow users to use 25 MB of data per day for free across European territories.

It comes with both daily plan and monthly plan. While daily plan allows occasional travelers to subscribe for the plan on need basis, monthly plan allows regular travelers to subscribe to the plan on monthly basis. Daily plan allows users to access the plan at a cost of £ 2 per day on the other hand monthly plans allows them to access the plan for a month period at £ 10 per month.

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